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9.2 Investigating the level of pollution in several samples of water from different sources Problem statement: What is the level of pollution in the different sources of water? Hypothesis: Drain water takes the shortest time taken for the methylene blue solution to decolourised compared to pipe water, river water, pond water, well water and distilled water.//The higher the pollution, the faster the time taken for methylene blue solution to decolourised. Variables: MV Water sample RV time taken for methylene blue solution to decolourised // level of pollution CV volume of water sample Materials and apparatus: Water sample from different sources (drain, pipe, river, pond, well and distilled water), methylene blue solution, aluminium foil/black plastic, 250 ml reagent bottles with stoppers, beakers, syringes with needle and stopwatch

Procedure: 1. Collect water samples from five different water sources. (P1) 2. Label the reagent bottles P, Q, R, S , T and U. (P1) 3. Fill the reagent bottles with the following water samples: P Pipe water Q Drain water R River water

Imelda ak Nyaun/S.M.K. Serian

S Pond water T Well water U Distilled water Close each reagent bottle with stopper. (P1, P4) 4. If the water samples are not tested immediately, wrap the reagent bottle in aluminium foil or black paper to shield them from the light. (P1, P5) 5. Run the test for all water samples on the same day. (P5) 6. Use a syringe to add 1 ml of methylene blue solution to the base of each water sample. (P1, P2) 7. Close the reagent bottle quickly. The contents of the bottles cannot be shaken. (P5) 8. Place all the bottles in a dark cupboard and start the stopwatch. (P1, P5) 9. Examine the bottles from time to time. (P3) 10. Record the time taken for methylene blue to decolourise for all the water samples. (P3) 11. Record the result in the table. (P3) Result: Reagent bottle P Q R S T U Water sample Pipe water Drain water River water Pond water Well water Distilled water Time taken for methylene blue to decolourise (min)

Imelda ak Nyaun/S.M.K. Serian