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Before understanding GYARVI, we need to understand the basic concept. If the concept is not proper then we will keep on putting wrong question to others. Here are the wrong concepts & questions laid by shaitaan. 1) Is it there in quran? if not then why should we do it? ans- This concept itself is wrong. for eg the 5times salaah is not mentioned in Quran anywhere. The method of reading salaah is not mentioned in Quran also. Note: There are many things not mentioned in Quran will be mentioned in hadis. so now we know asking to prove ONLY from Quran is from shaitaan. 2) Is it there in Hadis? if not then why should we do it? ans-This concept is also wrong. For eg: a) Almost all muslims in th world give their zakaat in ramzan, but there is no hadis to give zakaat specifically in ramzan. b) All the muslims in the world do umrah for deceased(dead). There is no hadis to support it yet no scholar prohibits from this act. Note: so now we know FIXING A MONTH FOR ZAKAAT, UMRAH FOR DECEASED ETC. is not supported by any hadis, but it is not wrong since it is not contradicting shariah. so such questions are also from shaytaan. 3) Did the prophet do it? if not then why should we do it? ans- Even this concept is wrong. For eg: The Very first azaan of jumaah given this days was never given in the lifetime of prophet & it was only added by uhtman radiallah anho after many years of prophet.(Bukhari book 13, hadith 35 & 39) Note: so now we know there are many practices which prophet did not do himself nor did he approve, yet they are permisibble since they do not contradict the shariah.

Please refrain from all the above questions, & never use this questions to curse fellow muslims. All what is haraam & prohibited is mentioned in quran n hadis. but not ALL the permissible acts are mentioned in quran n hadis. Because the list of permissible acts is very very big. The question always to ask is Is it allowed in shariah? If it is not Allowed then its our responsibility to provide a hadis which prohibits directly or indirectly from such a action. So GYARVI is allowed in shariah, and there is no hadis contradicting it. JAZAKHALLAH.