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Teachers, Schools, and Society The three elements have got much influence on the overall growth and

development of the learner and as such the analyses of the three elements are significant in the current education scenario of the nation. A teacher is the centre of educational process as he/she has the potential to mould responsible socially committed citizens. The children stick around a teacher for their needs. Children consider their teachers as role models and as such they are regarded as the second parents of a child. Teachers carry the responsibility of rearing a generation and so teaching, unlike any other profession, is considered to be sacred. The author further says. In a startling number of urban schools across the United States, a large share of teachers are inexperienced, under qualified, or both (DarlingHammond, 2003, p.2). These are the problems faced by the country at present. A committed teacher is often a rare sight. What is a way out for this issue? Sure, qualified and committed teachers are the backbone of good education system. So policies should be amended for getting able teachers for the young generation of the State. A solution for molding and retaining well qualified and highly committed teachers in the state of America has to be made. As the teachers are encouraged with the payment mode the authorities should focus on the qualitative payment scheme: However, one has to bear in mind that payment alone will not help if there is no commitment from a teacher. So there should be grading of the teachers on their role as a teacher. The best evaluators of a teacher are the students. Whatever it is, a teacher is always remembered by the students and the profession is highly valued in the society. The society has the responsibility to place able teachers for the students in each locality.

In reading the life of Frederick Douglass it is found that being a Negro and being a person of the marginalized group, he made friends with all the little white boys whom he met in the street and converted them into teachers. It is with their assistance that he learned to read. This may prompt one to think of the different ways of learning. It is sure that a teacher should take different strategies for different children in the class room. A Teacher can implement art forms and through art forms differently gifted students in a class can be taught well.