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Learning Session Topics:

1.Idle mode behavior a) Introduction b) PLMN Selection c) Automatic mode d) Manual mode e) Cell Selection f) Location Updating g) Monitoring paging channels h) System information i) Adaptive Configuration of local channels (ACLC) Related Parameters and Value Ranges/default values. 2.Locating a) Introduction b) Locating Algorithum c) Initiations d) Filtering e) Basic Ranking f) Correction measurements g) Parameter descriptions 3.Channel Administration a) Introduction b) Channel Administration Processing c) Call Establishment d) Selection type

e) Speech Version f) Resource Type g) Immediate Assignment on TCH h) Channel Allocation Algorithm i) Resource type selection j) Idle channel measurement k) TCH channel Selection l) Intra-cell HO m) TCHGRP Selection n) DTM Dual Transfer Mode o) Value Ranges and Default Values

4.Hierarchical Cell Structure a) Introduction b) HCS band c) HCS Algorithm d) HCS traffic distribution e) HCS for GPRS f) Fast Moving Mobiles g) Bad Quality Urgency and Assignment to Worse Cell

5.Assignment to Other Cell a) Introduction b) Better Cell c) Worst Cell d) Parameters

6.Intra-cell Handover a) Intracell Algorithum b) Selection of a new channel c) Frequency Hopping d) IHO Timers Control e) Related features f) Intra-cell HO on a signaling Channel g) Dynamic HR to FR Mode Adaptation h) Channel Group Selection together with Tight BCCH Frequency Reuse Feature i) Channel group Selection j) OL/UL Subcells