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THe GURDIIEFF T2ACHINGS A PRACTICAL SYSTEM OF INSTRUCTION FOR ATTAINING HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH SELF-AWARENESS A COMPILATION AND SUMMARY by Dr. Bruce S. Fisher NOTE ON SCANNED COPY: Scanned April 22, 2005. All pages have been faithfully reproduced in this sean from an original ink jet printer copy of the lecture notes. Missing Page Numbers were left out by the author. The document is COMPLETE as is. BOOKS BY THE SAME AUTHOR Fantasy, Disillusionment, True Joy—An Essay on Self Diagnosis Letting Go—An Essay on SelE-Therapy The Mystic Union—An Essay on Self-Realization A Self-Realization Trilogy—Combines the Above 3 Essays Psycho-Spiritual Centers—An Essay on the Etheric Chakras The Magical Universe—A Melding of Modem Science & Metaphysics ‘The Universal Life-Force—A Metaphysical Essay Evolutionary Cycles—Atlantis, Lemuria and Earlier Periods The Emerald Tablet—Aa lntexpretation The Macrocosm and the Microcosm—An Essay on the Greater and the Lesser Worlds The Grandmaster—A Commentary on the Masonic Legend of Hiram Abift Poemandres, the Vision of Hermes—n Interpretation Mystical Christianity—A Summary of the Teachings of Meister Eckhart and San Juan de la Cruz The Dark Night—Statements Concerning the Trials and Rewards of the Spiritual Path Pythagorean Numerology—A Summary of the Esoteric Properties of Numbers Spiritual Alchemy—The Act of Inner Magic and the Science of Self-Transformation The Gurdjieff Teachings—A Compilation and Summary Man, Grand Reflection of the Greater Cosmos: Studies in Occult Anatomy—in 3 Volumes Experiencing the Cabalistic Tree of Life—An Esoteric Adventure in Musie, Poetry and Prose An Impossible Dream? An Attempt to Reunite Philosophy, Religion and Science—in 2 Volumes: Volume 1 - Interpretation of Ancient and Arcane Teachings; Volume 2 Mystical and Metaphysical Essays St-Germain—The Great Enigma—A Study of the Adept as the Expression of the Ultimate in Human Potential Music—The Language Of The Soul— Presentation Designed to lnspire Creative Thought and the Higher Emotions i fe ee = se mee ee ee ee Se i tom Ram