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Rapport Building Questions: How To Build Extremely Deep Levels Of Rapport

Hey, In Stealth Attraction Gambler goes into detail on connecting with a woman, showing you secrets that he's NEVER revealed anywhere else before. The connection techniques he teaches you in that program are so advanced that some guys find it hard to apply them. So today I want to touch on rapport building questions, which is a basic level of rapport but still incredibly powerful. Building a connection using questions which is so strong, she will feel compelled to see you again and wont understand why, it just feels like you understand her. Once you master this area, you can then work on fine tuning your rapport building skills by learning the advanced techniques mentioned in the program. So lets get stuck in... Be Very Observant

Its important to notice things about her that most guys never would. If you think about it most guys will talk to a girl about boring mundane everyday things, which lead to zero attraction and and a dry conversation. But with you its different, because you are more observant than the average guy. You notice things about her appearance, like her clothes, jewelry, nails, perfume, etc. Women are crazy about details and so put a lot of effort into their appearance. For example, her shoes may match her nails, toe nails and handbag or her necklace is a symbol which means something to her and has some emotion behind it (a story). Evoke Passion And Feeling

Women like to talk, we all know that. But they REALLY like to talk about their passions, so asking questions which help them reveal a deeper side of them will allow them to open up, thus eliciting trust. For example her passion maybe dancing or music. You need to touch on these points by showing you understand exactly why she feels that way about them. Her: I love music, Im taking a producer's course at college now actually

You: Wow, thats cool. Id imagine producing your own music must be one of the coolest things you can do, like coming up with your own beats, sounds and crafting something from nothing. Its a rewarding thing to be able to do something like that right?

Her: Yeah exactly! Its soooo rewarding, its all I think about and Ive.... blah blah blah

You get the point. 2 Great Questions You Need To Ask

Here are some questions that you need to consider asking. In sales they are known as probing questions which help the customer open up and trust you more. In attraction they are used to hook and build trust, so she begins to unravel and really like you. Do you remember your first day at school?

This question will make the girl think really hard about her past and it should be asked once youve lead into it properly. Dont just ask this outright. Its an amazing question for making women feel like theyre children again, so use it wisely. You could say: I was talking to a friend of mine today and he asked me if I remember my first day at school, I hadnt thought about that in so long, but when I started to think back I just had so many awesome thoughts whiz back into my mind like meeting new people, mucking around in the playground etc, I walked around for the first part of the day with a huge grin on my face. What about you, do you remember your first day at school? If you could wake up tomorrow anywhere in the world where would it be? This is an amazing question that replaces the boring ones you might come out with usually. What it also does is help her relate any feelings of comfort she gets about visualising this holiday back to you, its called trance-state visualisation. You could say: I'm going to Thailand this year... are you going anywhere? Actually, if you could wake up tomorrow anywhere in the world, where would it be? Using Hooks And Connecting

Hooks are a way of keeping the conversation flowing and finding out more about the person in detail. Youre kind of stacking knowledgeable talking points on that person which you can then use later. Those hooks are then used for connecting in a positive way, which elevates that conversation and induces a deep level of rapport. Clever stuff right? There are 7 ways you could be dealing with a hook. Using the holiday question above, lets assume she said I would wake up in Rio De Janeiro and use that as a hook which we can connect with below: 1. Oh awesome, Id love to wake up in Medellin, Columbia Or Oooh, Rio? I dont like Brazilian people (Rejection, bad move). 2. Yeah, me too (Trying to connect, bad) 3. Cool, my brother just got back from there (Semi-rejection, relating to yourself, neutral) 4. Cool, the bars are great and the people are friendly there (Positive logical connection, ok) 5. Its really hot there and the guys are supposed to be dicks (Negative logical connection, bad) 6. Awesome, So you can walk around and enjoy the atmosphere when carnival is on, everyones happy without a car in the world, they only want to party and make new friends, thats a great holiday (Positive connection, affirming their choice with visualisation, emotional connection, good). 7. I think theyd love you in Rio, you seem like the kind of person that would fit in there. The energy is amazing and youd be right at home. (Purely emotional connecting, coldreading, good). Quick Tips On Rapport Building

Dont ask boring questions - Questions like do you come here often just scream out youre a loser, so stop asking them. Change things up and ask deeper questions.

Never ask too many questions - Although questions are vital for building rapport, asking too many can also lose the attraction which has been built because it looks like youre nosy, so keep them to a small number.

Let her do most of the work - Youve heard of the old 80/20 rule right? Well that same rule applies to rapport building. Ask the right questions (20%) and let her do most of the talking (80%).

Thats it dude! Rapport building questions are very easy to master once you have the

confidence to ask them. After that, its plain sailing. Thanks, -Brad

Is She A Ball Breaker? How To Deal With Women That Play Hard To Get
Hey, Have you ever been out with a girl that you really liked, but she ended up playing hard to get... which made you frustrated and you just couldnt be bothered to chase her? Yep. This happens a lot bro. Women that play hard to get are seriously annoying and they wonder why they cant find any good guys right? I actually had a woman recently who was a REAL ball breaker, Im talking not giving a f*ck about me... but luckily I read the signals and kept plowing on... weeks went by. But you know what? I finally got her in the sack. Bam! Now Im seeing her a few times per week and she was so worth it. Amazing in bed, great personality and a witty sense of humour. A rare breed of woman. So this got me thinking and I decided Id write a little post on how to deal with women that play hard to get. Before we get into the finer points, lets first discuss why it happens. Why Women Play Hard To Get

There are 3 main reasons why women love playing hard to get and they are all total bullshit. 1. They read it in the magazines Yeah I know, stupid right? But its true. Women hold glossy magazine relationship advice in high regard. They read these crappy tips which have been made up by relationship experts which tells them to keep men chasing them. 2. They don't want to be seen as "easy" Women have a BIG issue when it comes to social stigma. They hate being seen as whores, cheap, easy or cheaters so will do whatever it takes to keep themselves away from those associations. 3. They want a man who is strong, secure and confident Its ingrained in them Im afraid. Women love a man who is mentally capable of matching them, so they go crazy for the confident secure guys. So youll probably see girls play the hard to get card at 2 stages, the first being before you get the number and second being after you get the number. Before the number... Watch For The Signals

Remember this... what women SAY and what they DO are very different. So make sure you get good at reading signals. Does she look for a few seconds? Playing hard to get even starts before youve even muttered a word to her, so get ready for it. If she looks over at you as you walk past her... its game on.

Does she look twice? The first look may have been a fluke, but you

can take the second look as a solid YES I like you.

Is she using flirtatious body language? If shes standing close to you, playing with her hair, laughing loudly to get your attention... and just acting overly flirtatious its because she is hoping you will man up and talk to her.

Plough Through The Shit Test

So youve decided you want to be a man and approached her... even though she gave you the signals it aint as easy as you think dude. Don't stop trying if she says no - Lets say youve been talking to her for 10 minutes and you ask for her number... but she says no. Dont stop there, build some more rapport, connect a little more and ask again later. Dont let that no affect your game.

Never look desperate - If you look desperate, women will smell it. Keep your cool around her and dont slip into lost puppy mode, otherwise shell toss you around (not in a good way) and throw you out.

Build rapport, break rapport and escalate - Keep these in mind, if you build rapport and then break rapport... youre connecting and attraction is being established. Then all you need to do is add a touch of sexual escalation and bam, youre in.

After the number... Hook Her With An Intriguing Text

Do you have strong text game? If so, then ball breakers will be no match for your skills... if you suck, then heres what you need to do. Funny, witty and easy to respond to - The first text after youve gotten the number is very important. It needs to spark the same attraction you had when you left the interaction. Now women that like to play games, will use texting as a powerful tool to keep men on their toes, its up to you to stop this from happening. Text her something that will get her attention, make her smile and want to reply. So something like this... OMG... Ive just this second seen a girl who looked just like you outside Starbucks dressed as a giant cookie... please tell me thats now you??

Get her on the phone - If you want to, getting her on the phone is a great way to continue building rapport and you can easily end the conversation by saying something like ...Listen, I need to meet with some friends, but we should meet this Thursday night if youre free?

Don't Be Emotional

Are you an emotional guy? Then youre unfortunately going to find it hard to attract women, because you let your emotions get the better of you. Don't react to what she says - Women like to throw bombshells into a conversation because they like to get a reaction. Whatever they say, you must remain calm and unphased by what she says.

Keep calm when she acts strange - They will also try different things like being flirty one minute and cold the next. Again these are mind games they have picked up in magazines to make you want them more... just play it cool and act like nothing has happened.

So thats how to deal with women that play hard to get. The trick is to just play the game and keep plowing until she breaks. Dont give up, trust me they are doing it for the drama, attention and to see if youre the real deal. Thanks - Brad

Badass Foreplay Tips For Men: How To Become A Foreplay Master In 15 Minutes Or Less
Hey, Did you know that women are less likely to orgasm during sex if foreplay isnt introduced beforehand? Seriously. Its been proven (by Durex or some fella in a lab). The sad thing is us blokes just cant be bothered with that foreplay stuff, its far too time consuming and boring. But what if I said that you could get a woman so turned on within 15 minutes of stripping her down and doing the business that shed more than likely orgasm between 5 and 10 times during sex, depending on how sexually confident she is. Would that interest you or even make you a tad curious? Well it should, because 1) its damn easy and 2) Im going to teach you how to do it... right now. These foreplay tips for men are essential and should be used on every woman you meet from now on. Lets get into it: Before the bedroom Talk Dirty They Love It

Women love dirty talk because they are extreme fantasists, so if you are confident enough to talk dirty to her before you even get into the bedroom, you should. By text and in person - Foreplay starts before you even get into the bedroom, so make sure you are getting her turned on by text and on the phone prior to meeting in person.

Tell her what youre going to do - Let her know exactly what youre going to do to her in a very sexual way. Slow your voice down (as if youre almost whispering) and take her from start to finish, which should leave her wanting to see you in person.

Be Sexual In Public (Sexual Escalation)

You have to sexually escalate with every woman you meet, it lets her know that youre not messing around and you are a sexual man. Shell appreciate it and will return your advances with sex. Lead her hands - When youre kissing her and you get aroused, take her hand... place it on your cock and say You naughty girl, look what youre doing to me. Shell giggle and will get even more aroused.

In the bedroom Ok, so lets say youve gotten her back to the bedroom and you want to initiate the real foreplay. Remove Her Clothes Slowly

Dont rush dude! Take it very slow and remove her clothes in a sexy way, otherwise shell start thinking that you just want her for sex and will get freaked out by the situation. Massage her neck first - Get her relaxed by rubbing her neck a little, use your finger tips and slowly massage her neck and shoulders, move down her arms and back kissing her every now and again.

Unhook her bra with one hand - The dreaded bra! Every guy at some point has a real problem undoing bras. The best way to do it is with one hand, just slip your index finger and middle finger under the clasp, then take your thumb and and pinch with your forefinger until the clasp unhooks. Remove her bra and lick her nipples whilst pulling her hair until she groans.

Pull down her knickers last - Move down from her breasts to her knickers, bite her knickers with your teeth and pull them down slightly which will turn her on a little more. Then pull them down slowly with both hands.

Tease Her With A Sensual Massage

Once shes fully naked you need to start massaging her body by rubbing her all over and kissing her at the same time. This will make her moist down below and will build up the tension until shes ready for you to penetrate. Start kissing her neck - Kiss her neck and bite her ears whilst breathing heavily on her, shell be tingling all over and groaning like a bad girl.

Run your fingers down her body - You can either use just your hands or you can use massage oil to make the foreplay last a little longer. If its your first night with her, just keep your hands dry.

Give Her Oral

This is the good bit and by now she should be VERY turned on. Its the last hurdle and youre around 10 minutes in, so another 5 minutes on her vagina and youre good to go. Start kissing her inner thighs - Start at her knees and begin slowly kissing and licking her legs all the way up to her inner thighs. As you go up the left (or right) leg, dont touch her pussy yet, let her beg for it a little, tease her.

Move onto her inner lips (labia minora) - Gently kiss and lick her inner lips and slowly spread them, again licking from the base to the top, ending up on the clitoris.

Go to town on her clitoris - Every woman is different, so you need to ask her what she likes. However its a good start to begin licking the clitoris with the tip of your tongue, going up, down, back and forth. You can also suck the clit and kiss it, just do a mish mash of everything.

Read her body language - Always read her body language to see what she likes, if shes groaning and pulling your head towards her, then keep doing what youre doing. If shes saying ouch and pushing you away, move onto something else or take things a little slower.

Use Your Fingers

The last step is to use your fingers, which will introduce some penetration into the mix and will really send her over the edge. By this time, shell usually say something like Just fuck me already! Use the index finger - Place your index finger inside and begin pushing in and pulling it (very slowly) whilst still working on her clit. Aim for the G-spot, so that shell have a better chance of achieving an orgasm.

Repeat - Keep doing everything above for another few minutes, before having sex.

Quick tip: If she orgasms during foreplay (which she more than likely will) lightly blow on her clitoris immediately after for a few seconds, to stimulate her clitoris that little bit more, which will be VERY sensitive. So thats it guys. Listen, I know that foreplay can sometimes be a little tedious, but trust me women will appreciate this and use you as their go to guy for sex, which is what all us men want! Thanks -Brad

The Ultimate Pick Up Artist Book Collection: What Books Every PUA Needs To Read At Some Point
Hey, I know I know... not another PUA books list! But listen I had to do it, there are far too many books out there now and some seriously bad advice is being dished out by the authors, so I had to step in and give my honest opinion on which books aspiring pick up artists should be reading. This is my ultimate pick up artist book collection, which I feel every PUA needs to read at some point. Now Im going to throw a few clangers in there so, Im sure a few people are going to have their say. Its a mix of hardcore PUA books and mindset books. So without wasting any more time, heres what I feel a pick up artists book collection should look like, in no particular order! 1. The Game By Neil Strauss

The book that kicked the whole community off in a big way. It shot to the top of the New York times bestseller list after catching on with guys stuck in the no game zone all over the world, it struck a cord I think with guys who wanted more out of life with girls and also told such an engaging and awesome story. Neil Strauss (Style) was voted the worlds best PUA at one point, more so because of this book but I cant recommend this book enough. Even if you hate the whole PUA community, its still a great story to get wrapped up in. What youll learn: The basics of how to be a PUA and advice on getting better with women by using tricks, mind gimmicks and proven stories that captivate them. The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists 2. The Natural By Richard La Ruina

An insightful look into one of the worlds best PUAs Richard La Ruina (Gambler). His journey like many others takes him from humble beginnings in Cambridge all the way to traveling arounf the world helping guys with women and showing them his own techniques for seducing the opposite sex. This book is actually his second and details life after seducing hundreds of women. It helps you understand the female mind a little more and shows you new techniques that hes picked up since the first book. What youll learn: Advanced seduction techniques which can be used to pickup the most beautiful women in the world. Its the same techniques Richard uses to build a strong connection with girls in minutes. The Natural: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want 3. The Lay Guide By Tony Clink

A straight talking book written by a self confessed PUA

(Tony Clink). This fast paced book shows you the personalities of men who are picking up and sleeping with thousands of women. The types of things women look for any a guy and what they actually respond to at a very basic psychological level. The book was created from several notes and forum postings by Tony, which ended up being a top seller. What youll learn: Proven theories and techniques that work with different personality types that men should have. It does what it says on the cover if you follow the rules outlined. The Layguide: How to Seduce Women More Beautiful Than You Ever Dreamed Possible 4. The Mystery Method By Erik Von Markovik

The founding father of this community, OK a little cheesy I know but its still true. Mystery was the guy who started it all and developed the first real bunch of theories and techniques which were moulded into what he reveals in this book. Mystery has had one hell of a ride from where he started to where he is now. Not to mention hes got a decent following of devoted fans, that say his stuff works. What youll learn: The Mystery Method model which has been developed over several years and tested on thousands of women. Its a step by step model for seducing women, from approach to close. The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed 5. The Art Of Seduction By Robert Greene

A seriously fascinating book of theories, quotes and short stories compiled by the world renowned author Robert Greene. Nope, hes not a seducer or PUA, hes just a very analytical guy who studies patterns of behaviour and why people do what they do. If youre interested in how seduction really works and why some men get laid way more than others, then you should get this book. Its a must I think. What youll learn: The reasons why women are attracted to men and why some men give off an irresistible vibe to women. The Art of Seduction 6. Mode One By Alan Roger Currie

A lot of guys are coming around to the idea of direct game, as opposed to indirect game. For those who dont know, indirect game is approaching women with a lame opening question like Do you know where the British museum is? and taking the conversation from there. Direct game is approaching a woman and telling her exactly why you stopped her and what you think about her. This book is designed for the guys who only want to use direct game. What youll learn: The skills of a direct player. How to approach a woman and let her know how you feel without ruining the interaction and looking like a weirdo. Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY

Thinking 7. Persuasion Skills Black Book By Rintu Basu

Mind control is something I think we all wish we had to a certain degree. Having the ability to walk into a room, control how a woman feels and leave with her in minutes is some crazy Jedi stuff. Unfortunately that kind of mind control doesnt exist... or does it? This book was written with just that in mind. Using words to become irresistible to others, persuading them to do exactly what you want just by speaking. What youll learn: How to use words to be more persuasive. NLP techniques that speak directly to the sub-conscious. Persuasion Skills Black Book: Practical NLP Language Patterns for Getting The Response You Want 8. The Luck Factor By Richard Wiseman

Have you ever been on a night out with your close friends and everything just seemed to go your way? You got multiple numbers, kiss closes and even ended the night with a hot girl in your bed. Why do some nights go well when others just flop? Its called the Luck Factor. Written by Richard Wiseman, this book details how you can engineer your psychology to essentially be more lucky. Its not your secret type approach. Its a much more real world practical approach to getting more of what you want in life. What youll learn: Proven psychological breakthroughs in the area of luck, enabling you to meet and attract more women in your life. The Luck Factor: The Four Essential Principles 9. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway By Susan Jeffers

One of this biggest problems PUAs and guys in general have in common is approach anxiety. They are crippled with fear when it comes to approaching a woman. What this book aims to do is help you understand the rationale behind fear and why its holding you back, then giving you the techniques to break through that fear and overcome obstacles in your life. What youll learn: Simple techniques that you need to use on a daily basis to help overcome your fear of anything. This will help you approach more women and put yourself in more situations that get you laid more. Feel the Fear...and Beyond: Mastering the Techniques for Doing It Anyway 10. Fifty Shades Of Grey By E.L James

Ok, so this is the wildcard of the bunch. Ive added this here, because the book as blown up in popularity with women in 2012. Its a great way for any man to get an

insight into how women view sex, how they fantasise and what they want to happen. With a guy, its just wham bam, but with a woman... its TOTALLY different. They take in everything little detail, its nuts. The author E.L James started her writing career only in August 2009 and has since published the biggest selling erotic novel of recent years. What youll learn: Just how filthy women actually are and how they love sex. Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy So thats it! My ultimate pick up artist book collection with a few added clangers for you to scratch your head at. Thanks, -Brad

The Secrets Of Multiple Squirting Orgasms: How To Make Women Squirt On Demand... Within Seconds
Yo dude. Take a look at this raunchy text I received from a girl late last night which I received an hour after she left my place... Hey sexy! That was incredible!! Ive never had an orgasm like that before... sorry for the bed sheets ;) Ill buy you some new ones xxx Cool right? I get similar messages from girls like that all the time. So listen up young man... Because Im about to teach you something that very few men know how to do correctly (to be honest I wasnt doing it right either until my buddy showed me). Im going to show you exactly how to make women squirt... using only one hand... some lube and an open minded frisky woman. Warning: If the girl doesnt trust you or you havent built enough comfort... she WILL NOT orgasm, let alone squirt. So you need to make sure shes really into you before attempting this stuff. Youre going to learn what squirting orgasms are, the different types of orgasms women can have and most importantly how to make a woman squirt her love juice all over the bed. Ready? This is going to get messy... Different Types Of Orgasms A Woman Can Have

Men can only have one type of orgasm (sucks I know) but women can actually have two... Clitoral orgasm Most common among women, direct stimulation of the clitoris and happens during masturbation. You can also give them a clitoral orgasm orally, if you know what youre doing. Quick tip: Did you know that women have as many nerve endings in their clitorus as men do in their penis? Crazy right? Now you get why its SO sensitive for women during foreplay and sex. Also most women only really experience one clitoral orgasm, because the clit can become VERY sensitive and sometimes even sore. Vaginal orgasm Comes from the inside of the vagina from either the G-spot or the deep spot. This is the kind of female orgasm that can infuse their entire body, making them feel numb and shiver with excitement uncontrollably. Its also possible to have multiple vaginal orgasms, so you can (if done right) make her cum more than once... heck more than 3 or more times during sex, which will give her an overwhelming sensation... like a constant wave of pleasure all over her body. Quick note: Did you know that only 20% of women have experienced a vagnial

orgasm? That means over 80% of women havent experienced one and most likely dont even know what the hell it is... madness! ...And a staggering 29% of women have NEVER had an orgasm! How To Make Women Squirt... Foreplay Techniques For The G-Spot

This is the good stuff, grab a coffee and take note big man: Lube up first To intensify the pleasure, you should use a water based lube when using finger based foreplay which is what you will be doing here to make her squirt. A great natural lubricant is grape seed oil, which is also awesome for massaging as well as G-spot stimulation with the fingers. Get your hands ready Remember that the vagina is a very sensitive area for a woman, so you must look after your hands... cut your nails, moisturise and keep them clean so they are soft and smooth. Id even recommend getting a manicure.. yes I know its not manly, but it will make sure your hands are ready for her. Locate the G-spot The big G is a part of the urethral sponge and is located between 1 and 2 inches (2 knuckles) inside the vagina, along the front wall, which is the top if the girl was laying on her back basically. As a woman becomes a lot more aroused, you should feel the G-spot swell up and become more pronounced, this is a GOOD sign that shes ready to be penetrated... but we want to save that for later as the aim here is to make her squirt.

Technique 1: Stroking

Ok so the first the first technique is called stroking. To do this, take your index finger or middle finger... place it inside the vagina and go up, so you are touching the front wall. Now with your finger inside and touching the G-spot, begin stroking backwards and forwards, with a come here motion as if youre stroking it. Dont be too gentle, you need to be firm. Start with shorter slower strokes when you first enter, but build up momentum and speed up after a few minutes. Once shes really getting into it, try two fingers (your index and middle fingers) and use the same stroking motion. Never use 2 fingers right away, always begin with 1. Technique 2: Overdrive

Right then... this is where the magic happens. Now that youve been stimulating the G-spot and stroking it for 10 to 15 minutes. You should feel it ballooning inside and she should be groaning with pleasure.

This is the point where you want to take things into overdrive. For this you will need to be right beside her (like on your knees if youre on the bed and use both your middle finger and ring finger to penetrate the same spot. Now with your fingers inside, you need to rest the palm of your hand on the clitorous, almost cupping it. Once youre in position, begin slowly stroking, whilst speeding up and then start to pull your hand up and down so you stimulate the clit at the same time. Speed up some more and be a lot firmer as youre speeding up... ...Speed up EVEN more.... now some more.... and finally go as fast as you can until she climaxes (squirts) all over the bed. Now not all women will squirt, but a lot will. Ive only had one girl who couldnt squirt and I did everything correctly. You should feel the vaginal wall tighten and put pressure on your fingers, this means youve done the job well. Boom! Youre all done! By now your hands... the bed and her vagina should be covered in her love juice. Dont worry its not pee, like some guys think. Its ejaculate fluid which comes out of the urethra, not the vagina. The female ejaculation fluid comes from the skene's gland and has a sweet taste to it (due to the glucose contents). Things To Remember

Get some high quality lube - Water based lube is the best as it can be used with condoms also. You can still make a woman orgasm without lube, but its not recommended.

Buy spare sheets - If shes a gusher then youre going to be going through a lot of sheets dude.

Spruce up your place - Make sure your apartment is presentable, clean and comfortable. If shes not comfortable, then youll have a hard time making her squirt.

Take your time - Its not a race, most girls will take around 20 to 30 minutes before you can make them squirt. However if you see the girl more than once and shes very comfortable sexually around you, it will be seconds to a few minutes.

So thats how to make women squirt on demand... even though they are the basics they still work wonders. If you want to get more advanced with orgasms I suggest you read this. Squirting orgasms are seriously easy when you get the first one down, because youre way more confident the next time. Thanks, -Brad

How To Text A Girl You Haven't Seen In Months... 3 Awesome Ways To Reiginte Old Phone Numbers
Hey, Want to know how to text a girl who you havent seen in months because you lost touch? Well Gambler has created a few surefire techniques for texting girls that I think any guy can use to reignite old numbers. Its actually crazy how well these text messages work! I'll let Gambler take it from here... Before I get into the messages and techniques, I first want to tell you a short story about one particular girl I hooked up with after almost a year of no contact. So around a year ago, I met a girl in a popular club one night whilst out with my buddies. I remember that night vividly... I was on top of my game and could pretty much do whatever I wanted with any girl in there. After catching the eye of a particularly attractive eastern European girl, I approach her and began chatting to her. Things started getting heated really quickly... I used a few of my Stealth Attraction techniques on her and we were kissing within minutes. The sexual tension was obvious and I was pretty full on... For one reason or another we lost each other in the club, but I managed to get her number which was lucky. I texted her a couple of times over the course of several days but had no reply. My guess was we were a little too heavy in the club and she was resisting seeing me because in her mind shed already given up a lot and the next meet up would mean sex. So about 9 months had passed and I was flicking through my phone... I saw her name and thought, why the hell not not... lets shoot her a text. This is what I sent... Hey Anastasia happy 1 year anniversary :) She replied almost instantly with... Haha, It's only been 9 months! how are you? x Game on! Long story short, I managed to get her round to mine later in the week... we watched a DVD and did the deed :)

So you see, its not that hard to reignite those old numbers that you thought were dead. Lets say you have 10 girls' phone numbers you havent spoken to or texted in 6 months... if you texted all of them, I reckon at least 5 would reply and out of those 5 you could meet up with 2 of them. Cool, lets move onto the good stuff. 3 Awesome Things To Text A Girl That Get Them Hooked

Ok, here are some quick and simple opening text message you can send any girl you want to start a conversation with again.... 1. "Hey, sorry i missed our anniversary ;-) how's things?" I used this in the above example, its very short but quite funny and easy to reply to. These are the keys of a re-ignition text. This text should be sent after a full 6 months have passed. It doesn't matter if youve only spent a little time with her, or if you've kissed her or even slept with her. 2. "OMG you've been kidnapped, don't worry I'll rescue you. I hope they have been feeding you. I'll bring chocolate... white, milk, or dark?" This is overly dramatic and funny. Girls will reply with a "LOL" and then let you know what chocolate they like or maybe tell you they prefer ice cream ;-) Role

playing text messages generally are fun and sexy. Some girls will actually play along and say they have been kidnapped so you need to come over and save them ;) You can send this one to a girl who didn't reply to your last message, which could have been a couple weeks, or a few months ago. 3. "Did I just see you in Crocs? I was passing (in Maybach)" This is a great text on two levels, the first is because women love shoes and wouldnt be seen dead in Crocs... the second is because you said you were in a Maybach while she is in the worst shoes on the planet, it's a funny status play. Youre bragging but in a funny way. Send this one if she has gone cold for a few days. Rules To Follow When Texting A Girl

Now that youve got some messages you can send her to get you back on her mind, here are a few ground rules you must follow so you dont screw things up. Shorter the better - Keep your intro messages short and funny/intriguing. Dont ramble on or ask any stupid questions like Hey, havent heard from you in a while... its Sam (the guy from the funky bar in town). Its a dull message and she wont reply.

Never ask for a date in the first message - The very first message is designed to get her thinking about you again, you need to build rapport and connect with her again before asking her out.

Always suggest simple meetups - Try not to put pressure on her with meeting up, always be subtle. After a few messages back and forth, try something like this i'm going to party on friday with some cool friends, you are more than welcome to join us". Dont you think that sounds better than "Are you free tonight, lets meet for a date?.

Dont beg - If she doesnt text you back or doesnt respond to your questions, just leave it and dont bother hassling her. It just looks pathetic and shell think youre desperate.

So thats it. Now you know how to text a girl you havent seen for ages. Ive used every technique above for reigniting old numbers and turning them into dates/sex etc. So you can easily do the same. If you really want to ramp things up with text messaging, I would recommend you check out these guys. Thanks, -Brad

Beliefs - Gold
I wanted to post this into the best of forum and the classic section writing but don't have access (maybe im just being too cocky haha). Mods feel free to post where appropriate. Ok.. First let me give you a fair warning.. this is pretty advanced stuff. If you have no game and have no social skills right now, then you can definitely get them and I honestly believe anyone can but this post is not the place to start. I've been thinking a lot about universal ways to improve my game, and one of the things that I'm always about is finding the permanent solution to a problem. I really am not the biggest fan of techniques and thinking of game as in "lines" because what will happen is that two weeks from now I won't remember that line or i just won't feel like saying it anymore because it gets too repetitive and old. Don't get me wrong, if i do hear a good line or routine ill use it but realistically i will use it about once or twice and then ill move on to something else. So in my quest to improve my game (and everybody else's) I've found that there are specific principles you can apply to your game that once you implement them, you will create an "organic" improvement, meaning you won't have to think about it, meaning it's natural to you (this is why I think I get called a natural a lot because it's really hard for most people to see what "principles" you operate under as opposed to techniques). So to create a rock solid foundation of change that lasts forever (and you don't "lose it" even when youve dated a girl for a while or haven't gone out for a long time) we need to implement these principles or Beliefs. If you don't know what a belief is, let me give you a short introduction. A belief is a construct of your mind in order to understand the world around you. Since you can't focus on a million things at the same time, your brain will assume that it already knows the truth on a lot of things around you so you don't have to think about it. This helps you operate so you run smoothly so you just focus on whats new/urgent/interesting. The problem is a lot of times your beliefs are fucking you and depriving you of amazing things you could be getting whether it's girls, money, and all sorts of opportunities. For example, and this is a really important belief, in the "community" it is a very common belief that in order to get a girl to "like you" you need to go through X,Y,Z. If you don't go through that process, then most guys will not feel like they have gotten the girl the girl to the point where she likes you. I used to subscribe to this thought thinking that if i haven't gone through "gaming a girl" then she is simply not really into me. I used to believe that if I haven't gone through the motions and dated her, then she can't really want me. This is a bad belief and it fucks you because: A. It leads to leaking emotionally. If you don't think she wants you then you are trying to get validation from her. B. You can't really be a cool person when you think someone is not into you. PRINCIPLE: WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE WILL EVENTUALLY BECOME YOUR REALITY Whatever you think it's true you will act accordingly and people will respond to that. If you think you can't get rich you will never act upon anything because "you can't get rich what's the point". If you think that you are destined to be rich you will not stop until you find something that makes you rich because "that's your destiny". Let me just give you in advance to the objections that people have to this. - I don't know what to say.. my answer is say anything. If you have these 2 beliefs I'm going to give you and you're coming from this place there's pretty much nothing you can say that will not work. If you want one night stands then read my sexual hoops post and say that. - I don't want to open anymore because I'm so validated. Don't take this to the extreme where you become a delusional bastard. Stay in reality and well grounded but come from this place, keep focusing

on these beliefs and eventually you will master them so they become your reality. Keep doing the right action which is open, be super social talk to everybody and become a social connector (read my social circle post for more of that). So... let's get on to a more practical part of this. I'm gonna give you two beliefs that are EXTREMELY POWERFUL and will completely transform your game if you simply come from this place. 1. Everybody loves you and every girl wants you, if not they are being a fucking dickhead. This belief came from me analyzing all of the most amazing guys with girls that I know. I was trying to put it into words what was it that they all had in common that made them have that "it" factor. Like you meet these guys and you instantly like them and of course girls love them too. I was trying to break them down until I started to look into their beliefs and it hit me when I was breaking one of my friend's behavior down. What I'll do with some of my friends is that we will all consult each other's text messages to come up with the best alternative to send a girl. So what I was noticing is that he comes from the strong belief that girls really want him, as opposed to "trying to get the girl to see him". And I was blown away by how strong that belief is in him so we started talking about it and I was telling him about the naturals I know and we finally broke it down into a specific belief that every single natural has: Everybody loves me and every girl wants me, if not they are being a fucking dickhead. They all assume girls looove them like crazy. Like if they are in a club and a girl just looks at them, they will be like "yep, she likes me". They are looking for any little detail to confirm that belief so it's very strong rooted because they are always confirming it. Guess what this does? It makes you not look for any validation, you don't need their approval, and above all, you don't need to "make them feel attracted to you", they just like you already so your mind is like quiet in the storm. The world is a great place for these guys because theyre walking around with the image of everyone around them wanting them... and guess what, it works. One of the best naturals I know even said it to me once, "you know when you're really delusional about something to the point where there's nothing that will convince you otherwise, that's how I got good. The other side of this one belief is that "if she doesn't like me she's being a fucking dickhead" this part is just as important! Because when you convince yourself of something so strongly nothing is going to convince you otherwise so if a girl is acting weird by not being into you, then she is a weirdo that need to be discarded because you simply do not deal with psychos. And that my friends is the amazing belief structure that will snowball and give you unstoppable confidence and power with girls. The one other belief I want to show you is just as powerful and it will help you pull a lot more than most people in the community. The problem is that most people in the community have still inherited bad beliefs that are just assumed from everybody learning game that it's not until a genius like me (haha!) comes and sees how wrong it is and everybody is assuming the wrong thing. So this other belief is when you are pulling. I got this because the other day I had this stripper alll over me, she loved me, and we were going to meet up after the strip club, and my belief was that I should bring her with me because I need to "make her" do it right? So guess what happened? This girl is all over me and I'm hesitating if she's gonna come. She senses this and of course she goes "well if this guy doesn't believe that I wanna come that means that he doesn't get this that often (even if I do btw) because other girls have probably done this before so I just shouldn't do it". Boom no show. And this is the kind of belief that will lead you to get attraction in the club and not pull... On the other hand let's analyze if you were in this same situation and you believed that this girl really wanted to come home with you. You would have been completely relaxed about it. After all you get this

deep rooted feeling that she REALLY WANTS to come home with you. So what do you do, you may tease her a little bit by just leaving when your friends are leaving (instead of trying to stay there trying to "get her") and instead you know what happens... she wants what she can't have so she's not validated yet. So she's looking for that sense of completion that she "has you" so she comes and meets you and boom, everybody wins. SHE REALLY WANTS TO COME HOME WITH YOU. And again, any girl that doesn't is a fucking dickhead and weird and you don't deal with psychopaths anyways. You win no matter what, feel no social anxiety and you are the fucking champ. "you know when you're really delusional about something to the point where there's nothing that will convince you otherwise, that's how I got good" do that for a while and eventually it will become true for you. Hope this helps. Here's an exercise to work on inserting new beliefs: You review your night out, and you think of every interaction you had. You analyze it by thinking what beliefs were running through your head. You then implement good beliefs by re running the movie in your head but this time doing it through the beliefs i just gave you. your brain will absorb this and eventually you will be doing these things naturally.

How To Talk To Women During The Day: Advanced Conversational Techniques That Build Rapport Super Fast
Hey, When it comes to daygame there are a ton of "wannabe" pickup artists out there who think they are superstars at picking up women during the day. When in actual fact... they suck... big time. So this got me thinking. Is there anyone out there that actually "does" what they teach? ...And the answer is yes! I'm not going to go into too much detail, but there is a guy by the name of Tom Torero who I've seen on the streets in action... who absolutely destroys it.

I'm talking... approaching some of the hottest women in the streets, the same girls that other guys would just stop and stare at... getting their number, going on instant dates with them and bouncing them back to his apartment. He's the guy behind Conversation King and the main man on the bootamps over at I got in touch with him last week and had some questions for him, this is what he came back with...

How To Talk To Women During The Day

1. What are some things you should never say to a woman during the day? Don't over-compliment a girl, putting her on a pedestal. Don't kiss her arse by agreeing to everything she says. Don't ask her permission with questions, instead make statements and lead. Don't brag about yourself - put the spotlight on her. 2. How long do I need to talk to her before enough rapport is built? A good daygame interaction is 5-10 minutes long. If you've gone direct then the Attraction Phase can happen really quickly, meaning she hooks and the Rapport Phase begins almost immediately - the beauty of daygame. 3. Are there any body language techniques that help with rapport? Smiling on the approach and being playful, then when she hooks it's best to dial down body language and keep a neutral vibe. Folding arms works to flip the script and get her to open up more. Mirroring often happens unintentionally when rapport is reached. 4. How can I come across as less needy? To be less needy, don't nod, smile and agree with everything she says. Replace "oh cool!", "wow" and "amazing" with the simple word "ok." Tease and challenge her. Don't kiss her arse. Get her doing the work. Don't grill her with questions but instead make statements and

assumptions. Watch that your voice doesn't go up (inflect). 5. What type of questions should I be asking to keep the conversation going? You can only really ask her questions once she's hooked and starts investing. At this point the questions should be big open questions that get her investing. These type of questions are qualification questions in that the spotlight is on her: "So what's the story with ____________?" "What do you like about ____________?" "What is it about ________ that you love?" "How does _________ compare to ________?" You can also use something called "Parroting" where you repeat back to the girl what she's just said to get her to invest more. 6. What can I open with that gets her to stop and listen? The Daygame Blueprint begins with the Capture Phase - stopping the girl directly with a low-investment compliment. That's the best "opener" in the world as it's real. "Hey, a bit random, but I just saw you and I think that you look really nice." 7. How can I get her to invest more in the conversation, instead of me talking too much? A girl will only invest in the conversation once she's hooked. You have to do the conversational work until this point (we call it "crossing the assumption bridge") - the Capture and Attraction phases of the Daygame Blueprint. Once you notice a hook (she crosses her legs, plays with her hair, asks you a question) then ask some of the big open questions from above. If she asks you a question, answer it but then quickly relate it back to her. We follow the 90/10 rule of investment. 8. How much (if any) should I touch her during conversation and where? Don't "kino" her in the day, unless it's what you'd do with your friends anyway. Because you've gone direct, you don't need to "escalate" on the street. Save that for the dates. 9. How can I be more funny? Because I'm not, are there any tips? It sounds counter-intuitive, but in daygame it's NOT good to be that funny. Being "funny" usually means you over-investing and trying to impress her. Telling a joke actually breaks rapport and is often done from nerves. Better to be Bond than Borat. In the Attraction Phase you can tease her with some good old Cocky Funny - push-pull statements that tease her like you'd tease a little sister or friend down the pub. 10. What are the biggest mistakes most men make during conversation with women in the day time? Being needy / kissing her arse / over-investing Talking to women too quickly Inflecting your voice (through neediness again) Trying to be funny / dancing monkey (over investing again)

Talking about yourself too much (over investing) Being "gamey" - running nightclub routines or lines on the street

So that's how you talk to women during the day. Easy right? Thanks, -Brad