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Daily Lesson Plan 1

Subject English
Class 1A
Theme People
Topic Getting To Know You
Learning Area i. Introducing oneself
ii. Getting to know your friends better
iii. Responding to your friends’ questions about

Learning a) Introducing oneself

Outcomes b) Asking question politely.
c) Talking about self and family.
Objective At the end of this lesson, student should be able to:
a) Introducing oneself.
b) Asking question politely
c) Talking about self and family.
d) Prepare scrap book.
Time/Duration 80 minutes
Moral Value Love one to another, faithfulness, respect and appreciating
Teaching Aids Tape recorder/player, PowerPoint, LCD, song lyric, scrap
book, computer
Approach Student-centered learning
Technology aided learning
Thoughtful learning
Project-based learning
Cooperative learning
Directive learning

Steps Content Activities Comments

Induction Introduction to • Teacher plays the song entitled Students
Set the topic ”If We Hold On Together” by characteristics:
(8 Dianna Ross. Musical
minutes) • Students listening attentively
and try to guess the theme of Generic Skill:
the song. Listening
• Teacher introduces the topic of
Steps Content Activities Comments
the lesson.

Step 1 Students form a • Teacher forms a group of 5 for Cooperative

( 15 group of 5. the students and asks them to learning
minutes) introduce among themselves.
• Teacher distributes the lyric of
the song.
• Teacher plays the song again
and students listening.
• Teacher asks students to
complete the lyric given with
the missing words.
• Teacher observes.
• Groups present their answer. Generic skill:
• Teacher plays the song once ICT
again and then students
correct their mistakes.

Step 2 ’My beloved, my • Teacher gives 5 questions and Generic skill:

(30 friends’. asks them to think the suitable Thinking
minutes ) answers.

• Question as follows:
EQ:What will happen if there is
no love?

UQ:How do you show your

love to your friend?

CQ:What is friend?
Why friend is important?
Who are your best

• Teacher explains the content

of the project. Each members
of the group have to introduce
themselves and tells the
importance of friendship in life
to the audience during English

• Teacher asks the groups to

discuss the questions given
Steps Content Activities Comments
and emphasize about

• Brainstorming. Student-

• Teacher asks the students to Generic skill:

type their findings by using ICT

Step 3 Scrap Book • Teacher asks the group to Directive

(22 prepare a scrap book by learning
minutes ) showing samples to them and
explains on how to create it.
• Content of scrap book:
- Group members’ personal
- Pictures.
- Poem.
• Students make a draft.
Teacher observe.

Closure Conclusion • Teacher asks students to save

(5 minutes their findings in the folder in
) students’ PC desktop.
• Teacher reminds the students
to complete their scrap book.

• Teacher tells students to log on Generic skill: ICT
and post their comments about
today’s lesson.