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Middle School Art

Visual Arts Teacher: Ms. Sarah Willis Room: A3 Phone: Email: Weebly: Welcome to Art! I am very excited and eager to work with all of you this year! During this school year we will be trying out a little bit of everything. Things you can expect to learn about: Elements of art Principles of design Tools and techniques Art history Proper use of materials Artwork evaluations Art Critiques

Procedures, Policies & Expectations

12Class conduct Be on time for class! We will start on schedule, so be in your seat starting your daily bell work. If you are not in your seat you will be marked tardy. Distracting, inappropriate and/or rude behavior will not be accepted. This includes calling out comments and/or questions during class instructions or discussion time. Bullying will also not be tolerated. Active and appropriate participation is expected at ALL TIMES. Every student is expected to use art materials appropriately and safely. If procedures are not followed, students may lose privilege of using classroom art materials. It is NEVER appropriate to throw or toss ANYTHING in the classroom! Come to class prepared every day. Have all needed supplies at your table: pencils (not mechanical), projects, and notebook.



6- No cell phones. All personal electronics should be turned off and put away so they will not disrupt the class. I pods will be allowed during independent/specific work time. 7- When Ms. Willis is giving instructions to the entire class, all talking and activity must stop. When anyone (teacher or student) is speaking during a class discussion, he/she will be heard by all! Show you are actively listening by facing the speaker. 8- Every day you will be expected to clean up after yourself. I will dismiss you each class period, so make sure everything is cleaned up!

Discipline Plan:
Failure to meet any of the classroom procedures or expectations may result in one or more of the following consequences: Verbal warnings will be given for the first 2 weeks of school. After that time students will be expected to know and understand all classroom expectations. Parents/guardians will be contacted (via e-mail, text message, phone, or written notice). Lunch detention- 15 minutes to eat lunch, 15 minutes cleaning up the lunchroom and courtyard (parent will be notified if this is a frequent occurrence). If you skip a lunch detention, you will be assigned two more. Severe or repeat offences may result in Administrative Referral and/or removal from the classroom. If you are not in your seat, at the start of class, I will mark you tardy. If you are tardy to class twice in a week you will be assigned a lunch detention. If procedures are not followed, students may lose the privilege of using classroom art materials. It is NEVER appropriate to throw or toss ANYTHING in the classroom! If cell phones are used in the classroom, they may be turned into the office.

Projects/grading: Students will be given a rubric or checklist prior to each assignment. There will also be preliminary planning required for each assignment. Many of the planning worksheets will be turned in before the entire project is turned in for grading. Written Assignments: Like all courses at school, there will be written work required for each class. All writing will be related to art and is meant to enhance the students understanding of the concepts that have been introduced.

Homework: and assignments will be assigned throughout the year. It will be used to reinforce information provided in class. Homework will most often be assigned to allow students to complete any unfinished class work. Absences/ Late Work Excused Absence: All work will be due on a date designated, unless a student has an excused absence. Work missed during an absence must be made up. Teachers are available before school, during lunch, and afterschool for additional classroom time. Consult with teachers about availability. The student will have the same number of days to make up that work that he/she was absent. Unexcused absence If the absence is unexcused you will lose 10% of your grade points for every week it is late.

Learning Materials
You will be keeping all grading sheets, daily bell work, notes, study guides, etc. in your folder all year!

Basic supplies

Each student will need to bring in a folder that will be kept in the art room. I will provide the rest

What you will keep in your folder

1- Daily Bell Work Assignments 2- Projects/ Planning material 3- Notes/Vocabulary/ Handouts 4- Creativity Journal 5- Rubrics/ Grades/ Assessments

Art Class Contract:

Parent and students: Please read through the packet of information that has been provided with this form. We are looking forward to an exciting year in the Art Department. Having the cooperation of all students and their families will ensure that we are able to offer the most enriching visual arts experience for all the students in our program. Grades for all students work will be recorded and kept in each students developmental workbook, and the grades will also be posted on the students PowerSchool. Please use the PowerSchool to stay informed about which assignments have been turned in and graded. If you have any questions about a specific project or grade, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for taking the time to make this a great start to a year in the Visual Arts Program. Sincerely, Sarah Willis Student & Parent Agreement: I have read all of the course materials for the art class thoroughly. If I have any questions about policies and procedures, I will contact the art teacher for further explanation. I understand that returning this form on time will count as a homework grade. It is due:_____________

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