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Reason for SD Drop rate: Drop due to Radio Link Failure on SDCCH.

re on SDCCH. Drop due to LAPD link Failure on SDCCH (Transmission issue. Drop due to Low SS ( Poor RF conditions --weak UL & DL Issue). Drop due to Excessive TA or weak coverage area Drop due to Bad Qual. Drop due to Other Causes. Drop due to Interference Issue ( can be External Or Internal Interference (Co BCCH&BSIC) Drop due to TCH congestion. Faulty TRX issue (H/W issue including PB, VSWR & E1 Cable issue etc). BSC Hardware Fault Alarms. Abnormal parameter settings. Drop due to contact loss between RMM and Service Management Module (SMM) on SDCCH.

Reason for SD Congestion: Congestion due to abnormal SDCCH/TCH dimensioning. Sudden increase of traffic due to Fluctuation/outage on neighbor cell/site. Fluctuation or outage of LAC boundary cell/site. Wrong and abnormal tilts and orientation causing abnormal foot print. Abnormal parameter settings (including disabling dynamic SDCCH allocation and improper C1/C2 &CRH Settings) Abnormal LAC boundary.