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SkillAssure Assessment Framework (SAAF)

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1)Which Of The Following Are Correct Controls In Asp.Net Source View?() a. b. c. d. <Asp:TextboxRunat="Server" Id="Msg" Text="Hello, P2p" /> <Asp:ButtonRunat="Server" Id="Send" Text="Send"Onclick="Send_Click" /> None Both

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2) Which Is Used To Add Event Code(On C# Code) For Textbox Control In Source View ( Asp.Net) a. b. c. d. Msgsent.Text = Msg.Text; Msgsent.Text = Msg.Text Both None

3) How You Can Change The Page Title By Changing The Using C# a. Void Buttonset_Click(Object Sender, EventargsEarg) { Header.Title :Msg.Text; } b. Void Buttonset_Click(Object Sender, EventargsEarg) { Msg.Text= Header.Title; } c. Void Buttonset_Click(Object Sender, EventargsEarg) { Msg.Text: Header.Title; } d. None 4) Which Is Not Used Into @Page Attributes a) b) c) d) e) Async ,Codefile Enabletheming, Masterpagefile Maintainscrollpositiononpostback Theme None All

5) Which Is True To Bind A Method By Setting The Master Attribute In The <Pages>?

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SkillAssure Assessment Framework (SAAF) a) < Configuration> <System.Web> < Pages Masterpagefile="Pkp.Co.In.Masterpage" /> </System.Web> </Configuration> b) < Pages> <System.Web> < Pages Masterpagefile="Pkp.Co.In.Masterpage" /> </System.Web> </ Pages> c) Both d) None 6) Asp.Net Supports Nested Master Page a) Yes b) No 7) Which Is True? a) Page Class Is A Derivative Of The Control Class. b) Page Class Inherits All Properties, Methods, And Events Exposed By The Control Class. c) Both d) None 8) Choose All True Options Only a) Htmlimage Is Htmlcontrol For Image And It Used For Html Tag <Img> b) Htmlinputhidden Used For Hidden Just Like Form Fields <Input Type="Hidden"> c) Htmlinputimage Is Htmlcontrol For Image And It Used For Html Input Tag <Input Type="Image"> d) None 9) Correct Syntax Of Asp.Net Directive: a. <%@ Directive [Attribute=Value] %>. b. <% Directive [Attribute=Value] %>. c. <@ Directive [Attribute=Value] %>. d. <@ Directive [Attribute=Value] >.

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SkillAssure Assessment Framework (SAAF)

10) The Namespaces That Are Automatically Imported Into All Asp.Net Pages 1. System,System.Collections, System.Io 2. System.Web,System. Web.Ui 3. System.Web.Ui.Htmlcontrols,System. Web.Ui.Webcontrols a) b) c) d) 1 1,2,3 2,3 None

11) The Asp.Net Pages Directives Are 1. @ Page,@ Control,@ Import,@ Register 2. @ Assembly, @ Outputcache 3. System.Web.Ui.Htmlcontrols,System. Web.Ui.Webcontrols a) b) c) d) 1,2 1,2,3 2,3 None

12) Syntax For Assembly Directive Specifies a. <Assembly Runat="Server" [Language="Language"]> //Code. </Assembly > b. <%@ Assembly Name="Pkp" %> c. 1 And 2 d. None 13) Syntax For Register Directive Specifies a) < Register Runat="Server" [Language="Language"]> //Code. </ Register > b) <%@ Register Tagprefix="Pkp" Tagname="Customcontrol Src="Customcontrol.Ascx" %> c) 1 And 2 d) None 14) Syntax For Import Directive Specifies a) <%@ Import Namespace="System.Data.Oldb" %>

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SkillAssure Assessment Framework (SAAF)

b) <%@ Import Namespace="System.Data" %> c) 1 And 2 d) None 15) Syntax For Custom-Control To Insert A Custom Control Into A Page a) <Tagprefix:Tagname Id="Controlid" Runat="Server" Eventname="Eventhandler" /> b) <%@ Import Namespace="System.Data" %> c) 1 And 2 d) None 16) ________ Is The Data Type Returns Is Ispostback Property A. Bit B. Boolean C. Int D. Object E. String

17) What Namespace Does The Web Page Belong In The .Net Framework Class Hierarchy? A. System.Web.Control B. System.Web.Rootbuilder C. System.Web.Usercontrol D. System.Web.Ui.Page

18) Which One Of The Following Is The Last Stage Of The Web Forms Life Cycle? A. Page_Load B. Event_Handling

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SkillAssure Assessment Framework (SAAF) C. Page_Init D. Validate E. Page_Unload

19) Which Of The Following Base Class Do All Web Forms Inherit From? A. Window Class B. Web Class C. Form Class D. Page Class E. DocumentClass

20) Which Of The Following Object Encapsulates The State Of The Client And The Browser? A. Server Object B. Request Object C. Reponse Object D. Session Object E. Application Object

21) _________ Is A Property Common In Every Validation Control. A. Validateexpression B. Initvalidate C. Valuetocompare D. Controltovalidate E. Controltocompare

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SkillAssure Assessment Framework (SAAF) 22) By Default, Asp.Net Store SessionidIn ______________ A. Cookies B. Cache C. Database D. Global Variable

23) ______ Is The First Method That Is Fired During The Page Load A. Prerender() B. Load() C. Unload() D. Init()

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