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1161 Hawberry Road Draper, UT 84020

T 801 634 6243

Iamahardworking,goaldrivenindividualthatstrivestodothebestin allthatIdo.Ibelieveinlongevityincareersandwishtoservea companyforaverylongtime.Ihaveanextensiveknowledgeof computers,bothhardwareandsoftware,alongwiththeabilityto supportandmaintainsystemsaswellasprovidesupportforother individuals.

SaltLakeCommunityCollege AssociatesofAppliedScience ComputerInformationSystems NetworkSystems ExpectedCompletionSummer 2014

Intermountain Health Care
ClinicalSystemsAnalystSoftwareImplementationTeam Salt Lake City, UT 2013 - Present Travel to Physician's offices to install VMware Virtual Desktop software. Update systems to function with appropriate health care software.

XHTML CSS SEO/SEM Active Directory Citrix Database Excel/Spreadsheet Windows 2000/Vista/XP/7 PC Hardware Repair Network TCP/IP Setup

Thrive Learning Institute

InternetCoach/TechnicalSupport Orem, UT 2009 - 2013 Provide customer support, as well as help users with troubleshooting all aspects of building their website through various Web Builder software interfaces. Handled incoming/outgoing phone calls, email and live chat. Mentor and teach all aspects of running a web-based e-commerce

business to clients.

James Gagnon | Co-worker @ Officemax / Long-time Friend | (801) 403-5966 | Alan Kennington | Manager @ Thrive Learning Institute | (801) 472-0648 | Daniel Rodriguez | Supervisor @ Thrive Learning Institute | (360) 865-6854 | Kelly Scholes | Manager @ eBay Inc. | (801) 638-0598 | Brad Hintze | Co-worker @ Thrive Learning Institute | (801) 694-1014 | Stephen Cowan | Co-worker @ Thrive Learning Institute | (801) 232-7352 |

Mountainland Rehabilitation
PCTechniciant Salt Lake City, UT 2008 - 2009 Provided computer customer support to the corporate office, along with manning the help desk phone line to provide assistance for all pc problems at each of the clinics. Maintained and provided support for each of our servers, along with maintaining profiles on a server level. Traveled to each of the Utah clinics to provide in-person support for every pc and hardware issue.