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How to import Script in the BTS.

Step.1 Firstly we should have to see the version of CC card. After then we have to use the appropriate type Of LMT version to import the Script. Please follow the following procedure. Set up new IP in LAN Setting as follows.

Step.2 Go to Command Prompt and Ping BTS IP After the ping is successful, telnet the BTS IP After that you may get the Login icon. Enter the following Username : zte Password : zte Step.3 You may get# orCC. i. In case of # , input /ushell password :zte Then You may get $$. Again input ps

Now type pad <no of root at MGR.EXE> In this case, pad 657 Then VMP You will see the date as in the following picture where there is running version of CC card.

Now use the same version of LMT to access the cc card.

II) In case of cc> Type VMP, It shows the current CC version.

Use the same version LMT to login.

If after typing VMP it shows undefined, then type ShowBMCVersion.

Use the Same version of LMT i.e BLMT If you see ERROR and NULL in the process of looking version then you should have to Call BSC for support. I think all of you know how to use the older version of LMT. Lets see the steps for using new version of LMT.

How to use new version LMT(V4.11.10.14PO5)

Step1. BSC send the Script in XML format and at first you have change it into XLS format via same LMT. Click on System by login to the EOMS and click on the XML>EXCEL. See the following Picture.

After that,Give the file name and Location and save the xls file. For new version you should have to use xls file.

Step.2- Open EOMS, You will get CMX-LMT Dialogue Box as below.

Step.3 Click on tab as shown above and give the location of the XLS file which you have changed Earlier.

After that you have to click on Execute Button. Step.4 After You click on the EXECUTE button You may get Success or Failure. If you get success then you have to proceed on the next step i.e DATA VERIFY. If you get failure like in the picture below then you have to go to the previous XLS file and Edit the content that is specified in Detail shown in the below figure.

Step.5 Mostly at this initial phase you may get failure in Controlled Auxiliary Abinet No at PLUGIN UNIT
tab. At this column you may get the no. 256. Delete that no. and Save the excel sheet.

. Again do as like in Step. 3 &4, Now you will get Success as shown below.

Step.6 After that you have to go to Data Verify and click on Verify Button. You may again get Success or Failure. If you get Success than you can get picture as following and you can proceed to the next Step i.e EXPORT DATA. You dont need to go to DATA COMPARE.

If you get failure as in the following picture then click on the Exception Detail,You will

Get a discription below. See the Object MO & Exception Detail.

Step.7 Now Click on the Edit button as shown in the above picture, automatically you will get an excel sheet. In that Excel sheet, you have to search the Object MO in the below TAB. With reference to the above error you have to go to the IpLayerConfig tab on the excel Sheet, go to the Vlan ID and Delete the no.4294967296 and save the excel Sheet.

After Saving You have to click on the VERIFY button as shown in the pictures of Step.6 and you will get

Success. Similarly you may get failure in the Object MO. EnvMonDevice. Read the Exception Detail nicely. You may have to delete one or more than one row shown on the following excel sheet and SAVE it.

After saving, again go to verify and you will get success. If you get any other Failure and dont able to clear that then you may contact to the BSS Engineer. Now you can proceed to the next step EXPORT DATA . Step.8 In Export Data you have to click on EXPORT TO LMT and then click on EXECUTE button. Then you may get the following picture first and then the dialogue Box showing COMMUNICATING WITH THE BASESTATION with percentage Loading.

After the loading is 100% you are able to load the Script on the site and the Base Station will reboot for some time. You will have to wait for sometime(5-20 min) .After loading you will get the following picture.

If you click on any icon on the left hand side you will see the parameter in the right hand site. In the above condition you are not able to change any parameters, you can just see the parameters. To change any parameters you have to go through the excel file and proceed all the above steps Again.

Best of Luck Thank YOU