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FS 3 Technology in the Learning Environment School of Education, Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan First Semester, School Year 2010-2011 Name

of FS Student: Jessa Jade Obedencio Date of Visit: July 29, 2013 Course: BeEd Major: GenEd FS 3 (Section): EDD Cooperating School: __Lumbia National High School____________________________________ Cooperating Teacher: __Mrs. Alfreda A. Veluz_______________________________________ Important Reminders: 1) Extend due courtesy to the Administrators, Teachers, and Staff Members of the school. 2) Follow the rules and regulations of the school and the centers you are visiting. 3) Always ask permission from the cooperating teacher if you can conduct this interview. 4) After you have completed your interview, express your gratitude for the time and assistance they gave you for this FS episode.

Aim of this activity: The aim of this activity is for you to have an interview with a teacher handling your area of concentration/major. In the interview, you will ask about his/her experience of utilizing instructional materials in the learning tasks. After the interview, you will answer accomplish the task found in Part 2 of this sheet.
Instructions: 1) Look for a teacher who is currently teaching your major/area of concentration. (Ex. A SPED teacher, pre-school teacher, high school Mathematics teacher, and the like) 2) When s/he agrees to have this interview with you, please indicate the needed information in the template below.
Grade/Year Level Taught: 3rd Year High School Subject: T.L.E. specifically Agriculture Best teaching practices used in the subject: (You can ask what strategies and methods s/he uses) Multi-dimensional teaching. She does not only use teaching as a discussion but also she explores her students to the real agricultural field wherein students can play their roles following as what the course objectives stated that the students are intended to explore and learn. For example, since Mrs. Veluz teaches Agriculture subject, she explores her students to the farming and livestock field. Reasons for using these teaching practices: She uses this strategy because she just doesnt want her students to learn theoretically by simple discussions in the classroom. She wants her student to also apply their learning in the real field. And as her students would be able to master the skills they need to obtain at the end of the course, they could be able to use it even outside the campus premise.

Instructional Materials that are used in the teaching of the subject



Agricultural Tools

Useful for the application field of the students learning. Since there is limited supplies

Learning is only limited and the tools available are only limited. Learning will be only by

Hand-outs and visual

Reference: Trinidad (2010) Learning Episode 2: TECHNOLOGY FOR INSTRUCTION AND LEARNING1 from

FS 3 Technology in the Learning Environment School of Education, Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan First Semester, School Year 2010-2011
aids for the textbooks, she gives her students hand-outs and use visual aids as a medium of instruction theoretical and the students expected output at the end of the course will not met if this medium of instruction is only used. It is also costly on her part since she is the one providing hand-outs to her students. (sometimes)

What instructional materials are not currently used by the teacher but are being explored and are expected to be of great help in the teaching and learning of the subject? Availability of textbooks to all agriculture students. Advance and adequate tools in farming Budget for livestock purposes

TIPS (Please ask the teacher of any recommendation/advise s/he can give on how you can best maximize the use

of instructional materials in teaching a subject.)

1. 2. 3. 4.

The instructional materials you have used can still be utilized again, to avoid costly budget on your visual aids, etc, it will be useful to keep it. Always have a record of every tool you have so that you could track what are the liabilities. If youre tools will be utilized by your students and other school personnel, ensure a borrowing slip in order to track down what they have borrowed Always took care of your instructional materials since it can still be used again.

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Part 2. Using MS Word, make a creative interpretation of the things you have learned from this interview.


Reference: Trinidad (2010) Learning Episode 2: TECHNOLOGY FOR INSTRUCTION AND LEARNING2 from