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Cannon EDTECH 504 Reflection #3 There was definitely a lot going on within this module and its relation to the previous. Having taken education classes in my undergraduate studies, I was familiar with many of the concepts presented in theories of learning and theories of education. However, educational technology was really starting to get going when I graduated which made it easier for me to notice the overlapping between all of the theories. One of the few distinguishing features between them just happens to be the technology! When I tried to narrow down which technology is helping to change the landscape of the learning theories, I found that very hard to do. Technology is changing so fast that the words of David Tennant who plays The Doctor in the BBC series Doctor Who came to mind when trying to describe this change. Dont blink. What may the cool new toy/app/device one year might not be as effective in years to come. This change in education has been happening for years, but just at a slower rate. The chalk board to the overhead projectors, to white boards to SMARTBoards is just an example. Teachers have to be flexible and adaptable with the willingness to let go on some lessons and having the students, who have grown up knowing only having a life with technology, and see what they can create. As a teacher who grew up with a foot in the old-school ways and created a passion for the new-school ways, I think that this has given me an advantage in finding ways to relating math to the students and making it applicable to them. I do not think that I am teaching one philosophy of learning because I have seen that there are many different ways that students learn. Because of this, I have to be flexible and adapt all the learning styles and techniques that I have come across in my educational experience when I am helping a student. That is why I am really excited about this Everyday Expertise learning theory that I came across in this module. It placed a name to the observations about students that I have noticed throughout my teaching career and showed that there is a connection. Knowing this relationship exists and knowing what this theory is called so I can find out more about it, definitely gives me the opportunity to improve myself as an educator.

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