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: Admission for students with a foreign diploma

Reserved for the admission office IN VW CT

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Instructions for the applicant

Complete and print this form and send it with all the required documents (see through regular mail to: Mrs. Carla Dinnewet, Universiteit Antwerpen, Central student administration, City campus, building S, Lange St. Annastraat 7, B-2000 Antwerp Belgium.
Electronic files will not be accepted.

Personal data of the applicant

Surname: Place of birth (city, country): Date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY): Nationality: Male / Female First name:

Official residence of the applicant

Street: Postal code: Country: Telephone: Address in Belgium (if applicable): E-mail: City, Province: Number:

Information regarding the requested study programme

Please consult the website of the university regarding the programmes offered: I wish to enroll in the following programme during the academic year Select : O Bachelor programme:

O Master or Advanced Master programme (only for holders of a Bachelor or Master degree):


Signature applicant,