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Expectations in marriage If the marriage relationship is to be fruitful, I think there should be some challenges in family life which can

be tackled through planning together. These challenges may vary from financial to social or from emotional to sexual. These challenges can keep the partners always happy and engaged, improving their inter personal relationship. Up to marriage one might have been taking decisions ones own but after the marriage it is not possible. True love in marriage necessitates clear understanding and if there are some issues they will easily tackle them. The reason is that pure love is never based on demands. Love extends to forgiveness. These are personal views. But in general, as a partner I expect my partner to be socially adjustable and coping with the prevailing systems in the society. Mingling with friends, giving due respect to parents and elders, sticking to proper dress code, and finally it comes to mutual respect in between partners. If possible and if there are, our kids should be brought up with ultimate parental care.