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Opening Remarks for the Coronation

Before coming over tonight in the Secondary Schools Night, I was thinking what message I shall deliver in your wonderful celebration. I was thinking I must have a limited time to speak; after all, the coronation primarily gives honor and glamour to the royal court of the 2011 Her Majesty Queen MA. VENICE SHANEZ and His Highness CHRISTIAN RENZ, and their royal court. Tonigh, I feel very much proud of the accomplishments our institution has made, with the support and cooperation of parents and teachers of this school, because since then when we trusted so much the opportunity to develop and nurture the young minds of our school children, we are here together as we celebrate the 61st founding anniversary of Saint Joseph High School of Laoag, Inc. That is why, bear with me, this will not be very long. Let me start my welcome address with this thought to ponder: Everything we read stimulates our mind to think, and what we think determines what we desire, and desires are the seedbed of our actions. Given this from reading to thinking, to desiring, to acting in this sense, we are shaping our destiny by the ideas we choose to be united in shaping our future by the thoughts we re-create and do for our lives. This thought I have borrowed from Fr. John Hardon reminds me that education is truly important in our lives especially today when there is a need for the implementation of a continuing program in Christian education. When I am preparing for this message tonight, I never had a second thought of what I am supposed to say other than my ideas about the importance of Christian education. I am sure everyone agrees with me when I say that the most important resource of any nation is its people. Children are our hope for tomorrow. We

try to get and give the best for our children. And when it comes to school education, we acknowledge and recognize our own, the Saint Joseph High School of Laoag, Inc. On the other hand, let me just mention, what is considerable about our secondary school which is well thought-out as our childrens second home and their teachers their secondary parents, is well acknowledge and with that, we are forever grateful to the administration and faculty of our school. Despite the circumstances our school could have gone through and will go throughout as they carry out to achieve its goals and objectives its vision and mission, every one of us must be responsible in its realization. Tonight, the festivity and merry-making we will witness may serve as in inspiration for everyone to pull off the achievements of our students and move everyone to do better as they will continue to reap and bring honors to our school the Saint Joseph High School of Laoag, Inc. While we enjoy then tonights coronation program, I hope and pray that the unity and cooperation that is now unfolding in this celebration will continue on. Let us pray to God almighty that He will continue bless and keep us under His care! In behalf of the Parent Teachers Association, I then welcome you all and take pleasure in the coronation of the royal court of 2011. Good evening and welcome!