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Jehnez Senina

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Spirulina Filipina: Aetas Humanitarian Feeding Program Every end of the Month from September to March

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$ My family's business cultivates and farms Spirulina, a micro-algae which is the most concentrated food on Earth. Seeing the advantages this food has, such as the ability to help malnutrition all over the Philippines and the world, feeding programs have been started to help those who are in need of proper nutrition. For my EE, I've decided to write about the welfare of the Aeta communities in the Philippines. Recently, I've been to a village called Bagong Silang. This village houses 100 Aeta families who have been affected by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. At the moment, a lot of them are in need of nutritional aid. This gave me the motivation to initiate a feeding program for the Aetas of Bagong Silang.

$ This project is for the sole purpose of trying to help a village gain back their nutritional health. With this project, I hope to gain knowledge about leadership and social awareness. Most of all, I hope to gain skills on organization as this project will require this trait a lot. The group who will be joining me will have to create a census for the heights, weights, and ages of the people from start to end. Ultimately, this report will be used as evidence for my project. Organization and coordination will be needed immensely in order for this project to work out.

$ I have never started a feeding program. However, this project will require me actually going to the area rather than staying in school and making a fund raiser. This is purely humanitarian without the help of the student body for monetary needs. This is the most independent project I have ever started and it will be a great challenge for me as a student and as a leader.

$ Every month, there will be data collected to see the differences in height, age, and weight. This will be the process to see whether or not the Spirulina will benefit the Aetas.

$ My goals for this project is to find a positive correlation for the Aetas' health as the months pass. Also, I hope to spread the knowledge about Spirulina to help the Aetas in the long run.

$ This activity will impact the Aetas and their health as this is the primary reason for the project.

$ This project will take place by the end of September and a report will happen every month until March.

Students$Conforme:$ $ I"will"commit"to"the"activity"at"the"above0stated"time/s"and"given"duration"to"the"best"of"my"abilities."I" understand"that"it"is"my"responsibility"to"see"this"activity"to"its"completion,"and"once"approved,"can"only"be" cancelled"through"negotiation"with"the"supervisor"and"the"CAS"Coordinator." $ Students$Signature:$_______________________________$ Date:$_____________________$ $ Supervisors$Conforme:$ $ The"student"has"provided"me"with"information"about"the"activity"being"proposed."I"understand"what"my"role" as"supervisor"is,"and"I"agree"to"monitor"the"students"progress."I"will"sign"the"students"CAS"activity"log"on"a" regular"basis"to"assure"that"s/he"is"fulfilling"her/his"commitment"and"meeting"the"schools"expectations."Upon" completion"of"the"activity,"I"will"comment"on"and"evaluate"the"students"participation"based"on"the"given" standards"of"the"International"Baccalaureate."$

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