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Deosebirile de utilizare dintre infinitiv si gerund

1.verbele: hate, like, dislike, prefer +infinitiv- cu referire la o anumita situatie: I hate to get up early on Mondays. + gerund-actiunea vazuta in general:I hate getting up early. 2. verbele: remember, forget + infinitiv- actiune posterioara: I must remember to post the letter. +gerund-actiune anterioara: I remember posting the letter. 3. verbul: regret + infinitivul-actiune simultana cu regretul: I regret to say it wasnt true. +gerund-actiune anterioara: I regret saying it wasnt true. 4. verbele: cease, begin +infinitiv-actiune involuntara: It began to rain while we were walking. + gerund- actiune deliberata: He began writing when he was fifty. 5. verbul : stop +infinitiv-scopul actiunii: He stopped to talk to her. +gerund-incetarea actiunii: He stopped talking to her.

6. verbele: continue, dread, fear, intend, neglect: +infinitiv-in registrul familiar (vorbire, scriere familiara): I intend to spend the holidays at the seaside. +gerund- in limba scrisa literara: I intend spending the holidays at the seaside. 7. verbele: deserve, need, require, want: +infinitiv pasiv: His statement needs to be checked. +gerund-mai frecvent decat infinitivul pasiv: Your shoes need mending. 8. verbul: try + infinitiv-a incerca, a face un efort Try to write with your left hand. +gerund-a trece prin, a experimenta I tried writing with my left hand when I was a child. 9.Verbul: mean +infinitiv-a intentiona: I meant to tell you, but I forgot. + gerund-a insemna: His coming late meant his wifes worrying.

10. verbele: allow, permit

+infinitiv precedat de complement indirect al persoanei: He doesnt allow pupils to talk during class. + gerund-fara complement indirect: He doesnt allow talking during tests. 11.substantivul: opportunity + infinitiv-precedat de vb. To be= un moment convenabil, ocazie: This will be a good opportunity to meet him.

+ gerund=posibilitate: I had the opportunity of meeting him.

12.adjectivul: afraid
+infinitiv- cu referire la o anumita situatie: Im afraid to disturb him at this hour. +gerund- in general: I am afraid of walking in the dark.

Atentie ! -manage to + infinitiv -succeed in+ gerund -aim+ infinitiv -aim at + gerund -occasion+infinitiv -opportunity of + gerund -(un)able + infinitiv -(un)capable of + gerund