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$5.00 “We COMPLETE Double Bass Parts selected works of MOZART, HAYDN and WEBER Edited and Published by Oscar G. Zimmerman oreword ‘THIS BOOK, the second of the series of “Complete Double Bass Parts,” contains the works of Mozart, Haydn and Weber most frequently found on symphonic programs. I hhave also included the Contra Bass obbligat of the Mozart aria “Per Questa Bella Mano which interests most serious students of the Double Bass. Seemingly every conductor has his own views in regards to tempi, A prime example is the last movement of Eine Kleine Nacht- ‘musik. There is a great variance between the tempo taken by Toscanini and that taken by Sir Thomas Beecham, both great interpretors of Mozart, Toscanini conducted it at double the speed of Beecham. As a guide, therefore, Thave added the metronome markings which I feel are most practical, although no metro- nome markings were actually put down by Mozart or Haydn. ‘The printed parts of the Mozart and Haydn symphonies are for Violoncello and Double Bass combined; the suggested fing- cerings are only for Double Bass. The bowings are acceptable for both instruments. —Oscat G. ZimMERMan (fontears MOZART OVERTURES | The Marriage of Figaro Don Giovanni ‘The Magic Flute SERENADE { Eine kleine Nachtmusik Uf SYMPHONIES } No. 34 No. 35 (“Haffner”) No. 36 (“Linz”) No. 38 (“Prague”) No. 39 No. 40 No. 41 (“Jupiter”) ARIA } “Per Questa Bella Mano” HAYDN SYMPHONIES No. 88 No. 94 (“Surprise”) No. 97 No. 99 No. 100 (“Military”) No, 102 No. 103 (“Drum Roll”) No. 104 (“London”) WEBER Der Freischtitz Euryanthe Oberon OVERTURES EDITED ano PUBLISHED ay OSCAR G. ZIMMERMAN 90 WESTMINSTER ROAD — ROCHESTER, NEW YORK 14007 64 0 n 85 93 100 108 116 123 126 130 ‘and Printing