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Florida Play 4 Evening game prize payout for Friday, August 16th, 2013 440 winning tickets were

sold in the drawing of Friday, August 16th, 2013 for Florida Play 4 Evening lottery. These winning tickets won a total of $267,500 in prizes. In the past year, the winning tickets sold in a single Florida Play 4 Evening drawing ranged from 111 to 4,521, with an average of 473 winning tickets sold.These winning tickets won at least $29,525 to max $4,532,486. The average payout in a single drawing was $187,814. Florida Play 4 Evening game drawings occur every day around 7:57 PM Eastern Time. To play Play 4 Evening game, go to a Florida lottery retailer, take a Florida Play 4 Evening playcard. Select 4-digit numbers in each game you want to play. Inside each game panle, select a wager type from one below: Straight Box Straight/Box Front Pair Mid Pair Back Pair Combo fl lottery

To understand the wager types, you can ask the store clerk for a Florida Play 4 Evening game brochure where detailed instructions of wager types can be found. Only use black or blue pen or pencil to mark with heavy vertical marks. If you are not able to think of the numbers to play, you can just mark the Quick Pick to have numbers selected for you randomly. After you are done, hand over your marked playcard to the clerk for processing.

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