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Wheeler High School BearcatChoirs 2013-2014 Handbook

Quotes that help explain our philosophy: Music expresses that which cannot be said and in which it is impossible to be silent.Victor Hugo Ah music, a magic beyond all we do. As long as we live, there is never enough singing.Martin Luther Without music, life would be a mistake.Friedrich Nietzsche Choral music at Wheeler High School believes that music and specifically singing is an important, creative part of every students education. Music is English. Music is Math. Music is Social Studies. Music is Science. Music is Art. It should teach a variety of skills. It should be creative. It should be inspiring. It should be fun. Welcome!! I am so excited you chose to be a member of the BearcatChoirs!!. Here are the choirs offered at WHS: Advanced ChorusAny student grades 9-12a non-auditioned choirall are welcome to join Concert ChoirA balanced group of studentsgrades 9-12admittance by audition and acceptance only!! ENCORE! Show ChoirAny student grades 9-12sign up and auditioned choir. Communication: Once again, I feel very privileged to have so many enthusiastic and talented students. Please feel free to call me at any time if you have questions or need additional information. Contact me at call 219-759-2561 ext. 2245 or contact me through our website: Thank you for your support of our choral department at Wheeler High School Curriculum: WHS choirs are performance based classes. WHS choirs sing a wide variety of music in many styles, in various languages for various events. WHS choir members are expected to learn to read music, understand music notation, perform music in large groups, in small groups or solo. Choral students should learn to work together as a team, as a choir, as members of the school community. WHS choral curriculum is aligned with the state and national standards of music education: go to academic standards and select music. Policies: Grading Grading policy is very simple: Participation, effort, and behavior: 50% (A positive, ready to work attitude and a willingness to be a team player is crucial) (posture, preparedness, respect, appropriate behavior are all included here) Class work/Homework: 25% There will be written as well as performance assignments given. Attendance (classroom and out of school rehearsals and performances): 25% (Attendance at ALL after school rehearsals and performances is MANDATORY) Participation All students in choir will be expected to participate fully and give 110% effort. Attendance Being in class, on time, prepared is part of being a successful choral student. Attending schedules out of school rehearsals and performances is MANDATORY. Behavior All WHS choral students are expected to show RESPECT for their teacher, their fellow students, their school, their surroundings, and themselves.

WHEELER HIGH SCHOOL BEARCATCHOIRS 2013-2014 GUIDELINES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. RESPECT!! Please show it to yourselves, your fellow students, your school, your teachers, your materials and your music. Each student must provide their own 3-ring binder to put all copies of music in. All students are responsible for the care and safety of their music. Be prepared for class!! Make sure you always you always have a pencil or writing utensil in your binder. There is absolutely NO GUM ALLOWED during choir. This is a very big rule and will be enforced according to classroom guidelines of behaviors. Attendance at all after school rehearsal and performances are mandatory!! The attached schedule is about 95% accurate as far as activities this school year. There will be reminders about events but please mark your calendars at home for these important events. All rules of conduct, appearance and grooming, fighting, habitual offenders, disruption of school or class, etc. as described in the student agenda will be followed not only during class but at any choir activity, i.e. concerts, contests, field trips, festivals, etc. All school attendance, tardy and discipline policies are upheld in choir. All school policies of cell phone use will be observed in choir. If you cannot behave responsibly in class and have more than 1 detention, you may not be eligible to attend any field trip or social activity for choir. Attendance, effort, attitude, behavior and participation are the most important parts of being a choir member. That is why these are 75% of the choir grade. Choir is a team effortgive 110% to let your choir be the best it can be. Remember the Golden RuleDo to others as you would have them do to you


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Students disrupting, misbehaving, or not following guidelines may not be able to participate in field trips, special fun activities, etc. The following are consequences for misbehavior: 1st offense verbal warning 2nd offense detention with teacher rd 3 offense parent is called; 2nd detention; grade is lowered. 4th offense referral to office; parent contacted; student may be removed from class. These will be upheld to the best of my ability. The best antidote is to keep a respectful, positive attitude and do your best. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions you may have. My email is My phone number is 759-2561 ext. 2245 Thank you for your support of WHS BearcatChoirs.

I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me like food or water.Ray Charles I dont sing because Im happy. Im happy because I sing. Music exists to speak the words we cant express.

Wheeler High School Choral Activities Fundraisers All choral students are encouraged to participate in the music department fundraisers. There is no obligation to fundraise; however, students and parents may help support their choirs by fundraising. We traditionally have 3 fundraisers: cookie dough, our annual Madrigal dinner and our fruit/coffee sale. We fundraise for the following needs: Additional music and equipment the school is unable to provide for (budgets are tight). Entry fees for choral competitions. Transportation costs for trips the choir may make. Choir shirts (in the past we covered 100% of the cost. We will see about this year) Formal choir attire (additional dresses, pants, shirts and/or accessories needed) Hired accompanist costs (for competitions and concerts) Larger, overnight field trips (ISSMA State, Music in the Parks (ENCORE)

Trips: We are planning the following trips with the high school show choir, advanced and concert choirs: Thursday, November 21 or Friday, November 22: St. Marys Womens Choral Music Festivalall WHS Concert Choir and Advanced Chorus Women There will be minimal cost for the student. Information coming soon! Friday/Saturday Feb. 21/22: ISSMA State solo/ensemble contest all trimester 2 Advanced chorus and Concert Choir members. Students will perform at Lawrence Central in Indianapolis their solos and/or ensembles. This is an overnight trip. Saturday, March 15: (tentative) Shelbyville Show Choir Classic (ENCORE). Performance competition (not an overnight trip) Friday/Saturday, May 30/31: Music in the Parks Festival (ENCORE). Performance and park. Overnight trip.

Other smaller trips will also occurpossibilities include Innsbrook (concert choir), Kiwanis (show choir), elementary performance tour (show choir), and Medieval Times (all current choir members)

ISSMA (Indiana State School Music Association) Solo/Ensemble contest (district and state); and District Organizational contest. All current members of the Advanced Chorus and the Concert Choir must participate in the ISSMA district and (hopefully) state competitions. This is a wonderful event to encourage the student to prepare and perform music and receive positive feedback for their performance. Students may sing a solo or be involved in a number of ensembles. All students will participate in at least one large group ensemble. ISSMA cost for a solo is $13; ensembles are $7 per person, per ensemble. Forms will be filled out and music will be passed out. Smaller ensembles and solos will need out of school time to rehearse.
In addition, the Advanced Chorus and/or the Concert Choir may also perform at the ISSMA district organizational contest (4/12). There will be no cost for students.

Concert: Our annual spring choral concert is the culmination of a years worth of singing, learning, performing and growing. It has become our time to show off the best of all the middle school and high school choirs abilities. Lessons and after school help: All students are encouraged to take private instruction to improve their voice. I have a list of instructors that are recommended. Please contact me if you are interested in having your student take private instruction. Students may also sign up for after school help with me. This will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Students may sign up on the board in the choir room at the beginning of the week. This after school help will start in October.

Choir Attire: Membership in choir also includes choir attire. During the course of the year students help decide on their choirs shirt and this with jeans is their informal attire. Formal choir attire is as follows: Advanced Chorus: Women: Black dresses (provided by the school), black closed toe dress shoes (student provides). Men: Black dress pants, tux shirts (provided by school), dress black shoes, black socks (student). Concert Choir: Women: Black dresses (provided by the school), black closed toe dress shoes (student provides). Men: Black dress pants, tux shirts, cummerbunds/ties, jackets (provided by school), dress black shoes, black socks (student). WHS show choir: Outfits provided by the school; students provide the character shoes and accessories. (We are fundraising this year for new show choir outfits). Madrigal attire: Students participating in the Madrigal dinner will wear: Concert Choir: Renaissance period clothing (provided by the school OR students may elect to have their own costumes made (their own cost). All costumes must be first approved by Ms. Hardesty. Purple IS NOT a color to be worn by any member of the Royal Court or womens choir Advanced Chorus: The women will perform as Kumpania Roma, a band of musical gypsies. Women: Ankle-floor length gypsy-ish skirts, tops, scarves, jewelry(most provided by the student) Men: Banner holders/litter bearers and guards. Costumes will be provided for them. They will need to provide their own footwear. Other: Students not directly involved in choir will be invited to be the guards, litter bearers, additional serve staff and/or additional characters. These positions may also be covered by 8th grade choir students. Their costumes will be provided by the school. They will need to provide their own footwear.

More on our annual Madrigal Dinner follows: This year is our SIXTEENTH Year!! 2013 UNION TOWNSHIP CHORAL DEPARTMENT MADRIGAL DINNER This is our sixteenth year to put on a very special holiday treat for Northwest Indiana. Union Township Choral Department is only one of four schools in Lake, LaPorte and Porter Counties to put on this dinner. The event is a mix of 16th century English Renaissance and holiday seasonal songs. Included in the cast of characters are: The Royal Court (WHS Concert Choir), Kumpania Roma (Advanced Chorus), Royal musicians (WHS music students), Chatelaine, Steward, guards, litter bearers, and servers (WHS and UTMS choir students). The Madrigal Dinner is scripted and choreographed to make a complete evening filling to all the senses. The candlelit dining area is richly appointed in black draping, greenery and poinsettias. The food is served by the students and prepared by an excellent kitchen staff. The Royal Court has intricate and detailed costuming made by many volunteers throughout the county. The music is uplifting, thought provoking and heartwarming. The end is magnificent. Once again I have incredibly talented young men and women to work with. It will again be an amazing Madrigal Dinner. However, in order to make this Madrigal Dinner a success we need to count on choir students to work together and commit themselves to this. All students who are members of UTMS and WHS choirs are expected to participate in this activity. The majority of classroom time from now until December will be devoted to some aspect of the Dinner. Out-of-class rehearsals at the end of November and December will be used to rehearse the serving, singing and script in a coordinated combined event.

Here are the mandatory rehearsal dates: Wednesday, November 13 6:30-8:30 PM all middle school choir students Thursday, November 14 6:30-8:30 PM all choir students Wednesday, November 20 6:30-8:30 PM all choir students Thursday, November 21 6:30-8:30 PM all choir studentsdress rehearsal Tuesday, December 3 6:30-8:30 PM all participantsdress rehearsal Wednesday, December 4 6:30-8:30 PM all choir students Thursday, December 5 6:30-8:30 PM all participantsdress rehearsal Set up: To hang curtains, set tables, decorate tables, set up head table, set up musicians area, hang banners, place candelabra, clean Great Hall, set up ticket table; get serving stations ready, etc. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6 from 4:00PM-9:30PM

Dinner Dates:

Saturday, December 7, 2013 Sunday, December 8, 2013

3:00 and 7:00 PM 2:30 PM and 6:30 PM

In person ticket sales will begin Tuesday, October 29 from 6-8 PM in the Great Hall You will be able to purchase tickets through Ms. Hardesty and Mrs. Sokol after this date Reservations are required for all guests to attend the Dinner

Contact Ms. Hardesty if you have any questions 219-759-2561 ext. 2245

UTMS/WHS BEARCATCHOIR CALENDAR 2013-2014 (revised 8/28/13)

August 12-16 8-12 Mondays during the school year 6:00PM Fridays during the school year 7:00AM Wed., 8/28 Wed., 9/11 Fri., 10/18 Tues., 10/29 Wed., 11/13 Thurs., 11/14 Wed., 11/20 Thurs., 11/21 WHS ENCORE Show Choir Camp WHS ENCORE Show Choir rehearsals Choir Room Choir Room

7:00PM 6-8PM 6:30PM 6:30PM 6:30PM 6:30PM

UTMS Bravo Show Choir rehearsals Choir Room (Bravo callout Friday, Sept. 6 7:00AM in the choir room) Music department cookie dough sales begin End Cookie Dough fundraiser ENCORE performs at HS talent show Auditorium 16th annual Madrigal Dinner ticket sales begin UTMS Madrigal rehearsal UTMS/WHS Madrigal rehearsal UTMS/WHS Madrigal rehearsal UTMS/WHS Madrigal dress rehearsal St. Marys Womens Choral Festival (all WHS women in choir) Great Hall Cafeteria/Great Hall Cafeteria/Great Hall Cafeteria/Great Hall Cafeteria/Great Hall South Bend

Thurs., or Fri., 11/21-11/22all day

Tues., 12/3 Wed., 12/4 Thurs., 12/5 Fri., 12/6 Sat., 12/7 Sun., 12/8

UTMS/WHS Madrigal dress rehearsal UTMS/WHS Madrigal rehearsal UTMS/WHS Madrigal dress rehearsal 4:00PM Madrigal setup 3:00/7:00PM 16th annual Madrigal Dinners Reservations required 2:30PM/6:30PM16th annual Madrigal Dinners Reservations required evening TBA TBA TBA TBA Concert Choir to Innsbrook performance

6:30PM 6:30PM 6:30PM

Cafeteria/Great Hall Cafeteria/Great Hall Cafeteria/Great Hall Cafeteria/Great Hal Cafeteria/Great Hall Cafeteria/Great Hall

Thurs., Dec. 19 Sat., 2/1 Fri. 2/21-Sat., 2/22 Sat., 3/1 Sat., 3/8 TBA Sat., 3/15 Sat., 4/5 TBA Sat., 4/12 Wed., 4/23 Fri., 5/9 Thurs., 5/15 Sat., 5/17 Wed., 5/21 Thurs., 5/22 Fri., 5/30-Sat., 5/31

Innsbrook Country Club

ISSMA vocal/piano solo/ensemble contest (UTMS/WHS) Valparaiso HS ISSMA STATE vocal/piano contest Indianapolis IMEA Circle the State with Song Hebron HS ISSMA jazz band/show choir contest LaPorte HS ENCORE to Shelbyville Show Choir Invitational Shelbyville, IN Middle School ISSMA band/choir competition Knox HS High School ISSMA choir competition Kankakee Valley HS WHS ENCORE performs at Kiwanis luncheon Bravo performs at UTMS Talent Show UTMS Choirs Music in the Parks rehearsal UTMS Music in the Parks competition UTMS/WHS Spring Choir Concert Rehearsal UTMS/WHS Spring Choral Concert WHS ENCORE to Music in the Parks Strongbows, Valpo Auditorium Choir Room Gurnee, IL Auditorium Auditorium Gurnee, IL

afternoon 7:00PM 3-4:30PM all day 3-5:30PM 7:30PM all day

Still to be scheduled: ENCORE winter concert

WHEELER HIGH SCHOOL BEARCATCHOIRS COMMITMENT AND VOLUNTEER FORM In order to make this choir year one of the most successful years ever, every choir member needs to be fully committed and possessing a positive ready-to-work attitude. This includes: Behaving in an appropriate manner for all in and out of school rehearsals and events. Learning all music and parts to be performed with good musicianship and expression. Attending all rehearsals and performances. Being responsible for your choir outfits (shirts, outfits, Madrigal costumes, etc.) Rehearsing and performing with an attitude of respect, concern and safety for all people involved and materials used. Working together as teams to set up, organize, clean up, and take down whatever necessary for all choral events. Volunteering to help with special projects that may come up. Make sure you mark your calendar for all events occurring this year. Please sign and return to Ms. Hardesty by Thursday, September 4 We have read and understood the Choral Department guidelines, information, and calendars for WHS Choirs. We agree to support and commit to the activities the choirs will be involved with this year.

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I am interested in assisting with choir activities. Please contact me concerning the following: Chaperone a trip or event. Assist with costumes/outfits. Sing/play piano (in publicaccompany). Please note: Assist with fundraisers. Provide food at madrigal. Other

ALL PARENTS ARE EXPECTED TO HELP OUT WITH OUR MADRIGAL DINNER. We will be contacting you on how you can help us!! (Supervision, decorations, set up, take down, food donations, programs, tickets, publicity, costumes to name a few)

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