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Area / Workgroup Audit Sheet

Rating Y E N S O 1 2 3 4 5

Safety -

Inspection Criteria Premises/Housekeeping Condition of floor & walkways Cleanliness of working area Supply of waste disposal bins Congestion of gangways and work areas Line-markings, signs and notices Standard / condition of lighting Levels of temperature Ventilation/extraction Amenities/sanitation Pollution/emissions Hazardous Materials Storage & Containers in control Labeling & identification Use/control COSHH assessments and controls in place Local exhaust ventilation adequate and functional Users competent with materials Signs/notices/procedures posted Disposal & spillage provided for adequately Machinery/Equipment Fixed/interlocking guarding in place Adequate controls & guarding on equipment Safety signs in place and in good condition Procedures posted for safe entry Preventative maintenance in place Isolation/lock off used as required Handling & lifting Electrical panels locked & portable appliances tested Training/knowledge Fire Extinguishers & equipment in place Alarms not obstructed and signed Procedure for evacuation and muster posted & up to date Access/egress - Exits/gangways clear Emergency lighting in place Awareness of employees Ignition sources identified and controlled Emergency/knowledge/action for specific processes Approved signs in place General Ergonomics Manual Handling aids in use Hand Tools Personal Protective Equipment in use Lifting gear used as required Ladders/platforms correctly used / stored Storage/racking


Scale: 1 = Poor 2 = Fair 3 =Good 4 = Very Good 5 = Outstanding

Total Points Average Rating (43 Questions in this Checklist) A rating of 3 or below requires a comment and should be entered on Team concern and countermeasure board for resolution.

Audit should be carried out weekly by supervisor and / or group leader as required Copy of completed sheet should be sent to the Superintendent
Retention Schedule GIS1 = 25:03