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Quote Sandwich Parts of a Persuasive Paragraph

Humanities 9


Whats it called?

What do I do?
Make an argument or statement (inference or claim) that answers an essay prompt. Tell when and where the evidence/ quote happens. Explain what is going on before and during the selected quote. Provide background information, so a reader can understand the quote. Introduce the evidence by naming or identifying who is speaking or who says the quote. Add the correct punctuation ,

Whats an example?
Tita displays her power by speaking back to Mama Elena.

Claim / Topic Sentence Context Lead-in

We see this near the end of the story, when Tita yells at Mama Elenas ghost.

Introduce the quote

The author writes, / Tita says, ____ (Esquivel 1) .

Evidence / Quote Analysis Interpretation Conclusion Sentence

A direct quote, punctuation, citation Tita says, Ive always hated you! (Esquivel 199) (authors name, page number) Explain how the evidence proves your claim. Make sure to explain under-the-surface meaning, and refer to specific words and phrases. You might describe how the quote fits into the larger story, or how the quote would be different if there were different words. Restate your claim or main point These are strong words for a daughter to say to her mother. Tita uses the word hate, which shows both her extreme feelings. Tita also says she always hated Mama Elena, drawing even more power by talking about the past. This is different than how Tita talked to Mama Elena earlier in the story we see Tita gaining power by using her words. Thus we see that Tita shows her power by speaking back to Mama Elena.