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what do you understand by Total Quality Management, what are the requirements to implement TQM approach in an organization. Explain, Philip B Crosbys contribution in the field of Quality Management. How his ideas similar and different from ideas of Deming? With the help of a practical example, explain how you will use control charts, also explain the guidelines you will follow to analyze and interpret the results. What is Benchmarking, what are the steps you will follow to implement Benchmarking in an organization. Explain the role and importance of employees in implementing TQM in an organization, what measure organization should take to deliver a certain level of satisfaction to them? You are working as a general manager of an organization, explain the various steps you have to take for getting your organization certified for ISO 9000:2000 or ISO 9000:2008 ? what do you understand by the term work system, do you think improvement of work system will eventually lead to implementation of TQM justify your answer. With one example each, explain the seven basic tools of quality management?


Case Detail :
Please read the case study given below and answer questions given at the end.

(Case Study) A manufacturing plant make wind mill assemblies & can produce 50 units in a month in two period of 15 days each ; following is the data for number of defects arising per month. Month Number of Defects per period JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC

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9 6

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