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Relative Advantage Chart

by Monica Findley Learning Problems Technologies Oral English Language Prociency Relative Advantages Phonics-based & interactive bilingual voice pronunciation Expected Outcomes Parents will be able to practice basic English language. This will build their condence & empower them to participate in open communication with teachers. The students recognition & understanding of numbers, as well as their relation to one another, within different mathematical operations, will increase. The students will be able to practice letter sounds in isolation & within words. The animated characters in the interactive games make hearing, identifying & manipulating phonemes fun. The students will become more engaged in reading. There are leveled books in a variety of genres. They can interact with the animated stories & printable books are available.

Number Sense

Online interactive games, instructional videos, interactive books & downloadable teaching materials Online interactive games, interactive books, leveled readers & downloadable teaching materials

Phonemic Awareness

Reading Comprehension resources.html

Online interactive games, leveled readers, modeled read alouds & downloadable teaching materials

Relative Advantage Chart

by Monica Findley Learning Problems Technologies resources.html Relative Advantages Leveled readers, audio books, modeled read alouds & recordable reading capabilities Expected Outcomes The students will be able to listen to uent reading, hear intonation & expression. They can record their reading to help improve their uency. They can also highlight unknown words & listen to the pronunciation. These websites will give the students opportunities to build their basic English language vocabulary, as well as academic content area vocabulary. These websites will give the students opportunities to practice identifying & applying different parts of speech & verb tenses. The students will be able to construct grammatically correct sentences & compose structurally sound stories.

Reading Fluency

Vocabulary resources.html

Vocabulary building activities, graphic organizers, modeled read alouds & multiple word meaning learning strategies provided Online interactive games Grammar & Sentence Structure

Relative Advantage Chart

by Monica Findley Learning Problems Technologies Content Area Context Relative Advantages Grade level content area videos & videos with animated characters Expected Outcomes Theses websites will make content area concepts more comprehensible. The videos will help tap into the students prior knowledge and/or create an visual anchor to ensure a better understanding of the content being taught. The students letter & number formation will improve. This will help with constructing sentences & composing stories. The students eye-hand coordination will increase for better cutting skills. Parents will be able to provide more academic support at home, which will ultimately improve students academic performance in the classroom & on tests. worksheets/ne-motor-skills Fine Motor Skills kindergarten-worksheets/nemotor

Downloadable tracing & cutting teaching materials

Parent Involvement in reinforcing academic skills

Helpful tips & strategies for Parents to use when providing help with homework