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Submitted to:

Mrs.Girlie Salas Adviser

Submitted by:

NovelynDulnuan Fs Student, SY: 2012-2013


As I conclude the production of this portfolio with the printing of my project in Field Study 05; my I take this opportunity to extend my sincere and profound gratitude to the people who helped me financiallyand morally- to my family and friends for their magnanimous support, my teacher Maam Girlie Salas who trained us to craft this portfolio what were then produce to improve our methods in teaching. To all the faculty and staff of Bambang East Elementary School for their sincere support and kindness while we are observing at their school. I likewise extend my deepest appreciation to those who worked untiringly with me in preparation and final production of this project. Finally, I wish to express my thanks giving to my partner, God for his endearing support of love to be of help and in valuable contributions in various ways leading to success.


Its my privilege to offer this piece of work to the following people who inspired and supported me to overcome those challenges in preparing this accomplishment.

To my friends, classmates, dorm mates and loves one whom I considered as my second family. To my teachers who guided and inspired me to be a better citizen. To my family who are always there to support me To the Almighty God who is my everything and the greatest provider. You are all my inspiration in accomplishing this work.

Personal Background

Name: Novelyn C. Dulnuan Age: 19 B-date: November 9, 1993 B-place: Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya Address: Alfonso Castaneda, Nueva Vizcaya

Family Background

Father: Mario Dulnuan Mother: Rita Dulnuan No. Of Sibling: 10

Educational Background

Elementary Level: PacdayQuinio Elementary School Secondary Level: Alfonso Castaneda National High School Tertiary Level: Nueva Vizcaya State University

Teaching Belief:
Good Teaching is one-fourth preparation and Three-fourths Theater.

Portfolios didnt made learning assessment inconvenient. Portfolios are considered to be purposeful collection of students works that exhibits the students efforts, progress and achievement on one or more areas. The collections includes students participation in selecting contents, the criteria for selection and judging merit and the evidences of students self reflection. Otherwise, portfolio assessment is important and the non-traditional technique in education. Where in this method, the teacher can determine the students progress and growth of development in learning. Hence, the effort exerted on portfolio assessment commensurate to the improvement of learning that results from the use of portfolio.














Episode 5




Scoring,Grading And Communicating Results

Scoring rubrics: boon or bane?

Scoring rubrics can be a boon or bane depending on how the teachers use it.

The scoring rubrics can be a boon in the sense thatit is appropriate to the subject matter, lesson objectives and the activity being assessed.

Otherwise, it is bane when the scoring rubric is not relevant or appropriate to the activity being assessed and to the level of performance of the students.

Thats why in using scoring rubrics the teacher should see to it that he scoring rubrics he is going to use must be appropriate or relevant to the lesson on objectives, subject matter, and activity being assessed and to the level of performance of students.

Assessment is not an end in itself but a vehicle for educational improvement. Its effective practice begins and enacts a vision of the kinds f learning we most value for students and strive to help them achieve. As a future mentor, I must understand that using appropriate assessment tools depends on the objective of the lesson, the subject matter, the task or activity to be evaluated and also to the numbers of the students to be evaluated. Assessment is most effective when it reflects an understanding of learning as multidimensional integrated and revealed in performance over time. It entails not only what students know but what they can do with what they know. It involves not only knowledge and abilities but also values, attitudes and habits of mind that affect both academic success and performance beyond the classroom. However, it should reflect the understandings by employing a diverse array of methods, including those that call for actual performance, using them overtime so as to reveal change, growth and increasing degrees of integration.

Validity refers o which the test serves the purpose for which it is constructed or the efficiency with which the test measures what it intends to measure. However, to ensure the validity of tests, the teacher should apply the following factors affecting the validity of tests. The test items should align with the subject matter and should be constructed to serve the purpose for which it is designed. Directions should be well planned that it illustrates properly how the examinees will indicate and record their answers. It should be clear, specific and complete. Unclear questions tend to reduce the validity of tests. Inaddition, the words and sentences formulated in a test should be adapted to the intellectual ofexaminees. Test items should be moderately difficult because when the test items do not match the difficulty level specified by the instructional objectives, their validity is reduced. Items in the test should be constructed in such a way that it does not provide any clues to the answer expected. A test also should be of sufficient length measure what it is supposed to measure and it should be arranged according to difficulty, with the easiest items first. Arrangement of correct answers should not follow any pattern. A valid test measures abilities,qualities,skills and information it is supposed to measure. A valid test is always reliable.


This compilation was prepared and developed to provide and share experiences for those who will undergo the same undertakings. Through the experiences written, some latest innovations and strategies in teaching were

shared. Their applicability will vary depending on whatever and whenever it suited to the classroom situation. Some classroom problems were also mentioned. Whether they are severe or not, they are somehow enriching experiences that will guide and teach future mentors in performing teaching endeavors.

In assessing the students/learners, the following guiding principles should be applied: assessment as an integral part of the teaching learning process assessment tool should be match with the performance objective the result of assessment must be feedback to the learners teacher must consider the learners learning styles and multiple intelligences and so must come up with a variety of ways of assessing learning give some positive feedback along with not good ones emphasize on self-assessment assessment of learning should never be used as punishment or as disciplinary measure

emphasize on real world application that favors realistic performance over-out-of context drill result of leaning assessment must be communicated to parents When one of these principles were forgotten and not applied, assessment is not effective. As a future mentor, I will always bear in mind to apply these principles in assessing my students.

One of the frustratingaspects of teaching is that of grading and reporting students progress since there are so many factors to consider and so many decisions to be made. Grading and communicating results have some very important functions in the educative process and some of these important functions are enhancing students learning through clarifying instructional objectives for them, showing students strengths and weaknesses, and this can be achieved through da-today test and feedback and integrated periodical test. Grading and reporting systems also inform parents and guardians of students on the progress of their wards .Likewise, grades and reports communicates objectives were met and so, parent can better plan

.Grading and reporting are guided by the functions to be served by such in the educative process. The important thing to know is that we should always keep achievement reports separate from effort expended .Hence, grading and reporting systems should be developed cooperatively (parent, student, and school personnel) in order to ensure development of a more adequate system.

NVSU, as a premiere university that nourishes a culture of excellent and a culture of peace.


To develop fully the potential of the universitys clientele through high and relevant instruction, research, and entrepreneurship programs for an empowered, productive and morally upright citizenry.

To college of teacher education aims of the development of man and his totality with a critical mind an appropriate technology to adopt his environment and contribute to the balance growth and progress of society.


The main concern of the teacher education is globally competitive teacher who are involved with human ideas, moral, values and aspirations and adequately equipped with basic pedagogical knowledge and skills to en able them to be responsive to national and regional development goals.


The bachelor of elementary education program shall; 1. Provide the prospective elementary teacher which learning experience that lead to the highest possible academic achievements as envisioned in the mission and goal .of college: 2. Make opportunities available for would be mentors to concretize principles, theories, concept and insight on the teaching- learning process in actual teaching of the elementary level subjects areas; 3. Imbue the future mentor with desirable attitudes, personal discipline , cultural and aesthetic values, commitments and dedication to be able to say strong foundation or basic elementary education; and 4. Develop among prospective elementary school teacher research and extension capabilities to contribute to the task of building a productive, democratize, self-reliant and useful citizenry as envision in the national and regional goals.


Bambang East Elementary School shall continuously upgrade the competence of each multitalented teachers, service-oriented dedicated competent and God fearing staff and provide wellequipped classrooms and maintain cooperation with its internal and external holders.


The school provides simplicity, diversity and lifelong learning to every enrollee to become value leaden individual and potential of community as well as to be globally competitive.