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Katherine Daryanani Author

Rene'e Dominique M. Castillo

Acce. I Justo Lukban Elem. School

Mrs. Erlinda Espique


Seven-year old Tom was very sad when he hurried home from school one day. His teacher had called him an addled boy, or his mind was confused with many things.

Mrs. Edison did not give up and persuade the teacher that Tom wants so much to learn and loves to ask people everything he wants to know. But the teacher dismissed the idea and declared that Tom is a nuisance in class and had difficulty following the lessons.

Soon Tom became a voracious reader. He ended up teaching himself. He enjoyed reading chemistry books and was also a keen observer of anything unusual. He never stopped studying and experimenting. When he was ten years old, he set up a laboratory in the basement of their house.

After a year, his hearing problem had worsened. He became totally deaf in his left ear and could hear only a little in his right ear.

He continued learning everything and doing what he thought he could do. When he had earned enough money, he put up his own research laboratory. He hired people to help him in his experiments.