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Grundtvig Programme for adults education

Learning association

Back to the Future (Retorn al Futur).

CFA Edelia Hernndez. Viladecans. Spain. CTP Luigi Pirandello. Taranto. Italy. Kreci Du Korltolt Felelssg Trsasg. Budapest. Hungaru. Escola Secundria com 3 ciclo Joo Gonalves Zarco. Matosinhos. Portugal. Colegiul National Avram Iancu. tei. Romania. Institut fr Projektbegleitung und Kompetenzentwicklung: pro-kompetenz. Rostock. Germany.

Back to the Future 2012 - 2014

CFA Edelia Hernndez

Santiago Rusiol, 2. 08840 Viladecans Tel. 93 6586451. Fax. 93 6581854.

Grundtvig Project
Grundtvig learning association
This is a cooperation between six different European organizations dealing with the education of adults. The aim is to develop common projects to exchange experiences and methodologies that contribute to improve the quality of permanent learning. It focuses on the idea of a plural Europe regarding cultures and socioeconomic contexts.

Back to the Future

The project has to show with photos, videos, etc our geography, traditions, daily life and the future expectations of our people. It focuses on three subjects: Our world: the school, the neighbourhood, the city and the environs. The calendar: food, recipes, drinks and songs belonging to our celebrations. Traditions and festivities.

To motivate pupils to learn languages. To know other cultures. To meet new people. To exchange experiences. To fight against stereotypes. To encourage social integration. To develop an European feeling. To use ICT. To make attractive. the learning process

Pupils will have to actively take part in the different activities and work individually, in pairs or in teams. After that, they will have to analyse the experience on languages learning and the usage of ICT. Join us and you will have the chance to travel to the partner countries. Dont miss this opportunity! For further information check our magazine and moodle:

European added value

It allows us to see the European Union in a wider context. It is an experience between countries by means of daily life. An opportunity for the active, social and civic participation from a local and global frame.

The project places the pupils in the centre of the activities. They have a key role in the planning of the activities under the supervision of the school coordinator and the teaching team.