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. — Dp ey oy John Patitucci 60 Melodic Etudes for Acoustic and Electric Bass CARL FISCHERe ohn Patitucci 60 Melodic Etudes for Acoustic and Electric Bass I would like ro thank God, my wife Sachi, and my daughters-Gracie and Bella, and all the other members of my Family especially my brother Thomas, my Mom and Dad, and sisters. Thankes are also due to Chris Poehler, David Baker and all of the other teachers T have had in my musical journey to this point (whose names could take up as many pages as this book). Thanks also to the many. ‘musicians I have worked with who have inspired me and raught me (another very long list) and to Sandy Feldstein and John Castellano for urging me to write this book. Special Thanks to Mindy Sax, for the preliminary music copying, Finally, thanks also to all che folks at Carl Fischer for the fine work and support, especially Alex Teploff. Cover photo by Bill Bytsura, CARL FISCHER» BF22 John Paticucci Biography. Foreword! a : Part I: 60 Melodic Ene C Major Seale wnnnnnn F Major Seale exon Bb Major Seale oun Bb Major Seale. {Ab Major Seale Db Major Seale... Gb Major Scale... 1B Major Scale E Major Scale. A Major Scale . D Major Scale.. G Major Scale. C Acolian Seale ballad) (Cin?) F Dorian Scale (Ballad) (Fin7).. Db Acolian Seale (Bbm7). Bb Dorian Scale (Ebm7) on G# Phrygian Seale (GEM) oo Ct Phrygian Scale (C#m7) Ff Pheygian Seale (F#m7). 1B Phrygian Scale (Bm7). E Dorian Scale (Em?) A Aeolian Scale (Am?)... D Dorian Seale (Dm?) m= G Phrygian Seale (Gm7}. C Lydian Seale (Cmaj7#11) F Lydian Scale (Fnaj7411) Bb Lycian Scale (Bhmaj7#11) Bb Lydian Seale (Ebmaj7#11) ab Lydian Scale (Abmaj7411) Db Lydian Seale (Dbmaj7#11) (Gb Lydian Seale (Ghmaj7#11), B Lydian Scale (Bmaj7#11).ovoonennnmn FE Lydian Seale (Emaj7#11) 00 239 A Lydian Seale (Amaj7#11) arco 40 D ydian Scale (Dmaj7#11) oo AL G Lydian Seale (Gmaj7#11) eon 42 € Mixolydian Scale (C7). 43 F Mixolydian Seale (F7). 44 ‘Bb Mixolydian Scale (1397). 45 Eb Mixolyclian Seale (E57) a6 'Ab Mixolydian Seale (AY) owennnennnnnannnnns? Db Mixolydian Seale (D57) S48 Gh Mixolydian Scale (G7) nonnnnennnnsnn AD B Mixolydian Scale (87) creer E Mixolydian Scale (B7) ne ORE ‘A Minolydian Seale (47) D Mixolydian Scale (D7) enn G Mixolydian Scale (G7). C Locrian Scale (C73) ‘Ab Melodic-minor Scale (Fm75) Db Melodic-minor Seale (Bim7s5) Gb Melodic-minor Scale (Ebm7'5). Gt Locrian Seale (Gt 745) nn 59 Ch Loetian Seale (CEM748) 60 Bp Locrian Seale (Fim7b5) oon So B Loerian Scale (Bm768) ou 62 G Melodic-minor Scale (Er37>5) 63 (C Melodic minor Seale (AM755) nnn F Melodie-minos Scale (Dm745) = 6s, G Loctian Seale (Gm745) es