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Digitally Imported Electro - Tuesdays 7pm GMT HYPERLINK "" www.di.

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Hi Guys, This is DW from Dividual. Dividual Recordings is a brand new London based Dance/House/Techno label, specializing in fresh cuts hard grooves and driving rhythms, with experienced Dj's and Engineers pushing the forefront and a new In"Dividual" sound the record label is set for big things in the future, with an upcoming EP and a range of podcast shows Dividual is fast becoming the talked about sound. We are currently looking for new radio shows on some of the best online stations around and we have approached you as you are one of the best! Below is a link for you to get a small Taste Of The "Dividual" Sound! HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" We do hope this will be enough for you to share our future vision For Dividual. Please can you contact Myself "DW" Or Luna Piros ( HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" at Dividual Recordings, We hope this email finds you well and thank you, DW & Luna Piros.

HYPERLINK "" DJKEETHJ HYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK "" mennodejong Dance Paradise in Brasil, Antenna 3 in Portugal, Radio Salomon in Slovenia, Urbana FM in Uraguay and Bay Radio in Malta.