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Digestion, Absorption and Transport

1. Chemical breakdown of organic molecules
into their component parts 2. After digest; - some diffuse through the intestinal wall - transported across the intestinal wall

Carbohydrate s
1. Polysaccharides (split) to disaccharides by salivary and pancreatic amylases 2. Disaccharides (breakdown) to monosaccharides by disaccharides - surface of intestinal epithelium 3. Monosaccharides absorbed - blood, carried by portal veins to liver 4. Glucose - carried and enter into the cells by facilited diffusion. 5. Insulin increases the rate of glucose transport

1. 2. 3. 4. Bile salts is emulsify lipids Pancreatic lipase (breakdown) lipid Products - micelles Lipids are stored in the adipose and in the liver 5. Lipids release when it needed by the body

1. Proteins (split) - small polypeptides by enzymes (stomach and pancreas 2. Peptidases complete the digestive process 3. Amino acids (absorbed) - intestinal epithelial cells 4. Amino acid actively transported - growth hormon and insulin 5. Amino acid - build new proteins and energy

Water and Minerals

1. Water can move - osmotic condition 2. 99 % water absorbed 3. Most minerals are actively transported