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In Reliance Cement Company, after implementation of Kingsher Asset Data Management system (KADMS) for Material Data Management

(MDM). The coordination for large number of requests with the code creator team from Central Procurement Group (CPG) was the major problem. This was because, the requests can be created by anyone in Reliance Group companies but the code creator team was restricted to 4-5 members. As I was team lead for KADMS from cement division, to resolve this issue, I had fixed meeting with code creator team for finding the solution of this issue. During the meeting it was found that the work load in terms of requests that code creator team was getting were more than 1000 a day and it too from different employees. It was very difficult to reply each and every mail of individual employee. So I suggested that we can assign one individual from each division to whom all requests will be marked and in turn he will forward requests to code creator team. There were two advantages of this implementation of single point contact for requestor and creator. The tracking of requests was easy and code requests repetitions were avoided. I had designed a process flow from requests creation to code generation and shared with all sites of cement division. Through training sessions like video conferencing with all sites, I shared the benefits of this changed process flow in terms of fast material codification. As per philosophy of this designed work flow, it had reduced the work load on code creator team and they gave us all material codes generated at a fast rate than earlier. I had got support from all team from sites and I had handled this efficiently and resolved the problem for longer time requirement of codification.