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Laksh Fine Chem. Pvt Ltd.

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Standard operating procedure Sop no:RC-01 CLEANING OF REACTOR Issue number:01

Batch to batch cleaning of reactor: After using reactor update status board to be clean and date. Check that the Reactor is empty and bottom valve is closed. Flush the Reactor with plenty of water so as to remove any adhering material. A water fill in the reactor and clean it or to be clean with water reflux at 80 to 90C, and drain water. Close the bottom valve of the Reactor and charge Methanol, Make stirring ON and start heating, heat the content to reflux and reflux for 1hr. and distil out methanol about 40%. Apply Cooling and cool the content to About 30C to 35C. Unload the Solvent from the Reactor and Flush The Reactor with methanol, Collect 250ml flushed methanol from Reactor and send to QC with Test Request to check absence of previous product on TLC. Result: COMPLIES / DOES NOTCOMPLIES. If Result Complies, dry the Reactor by applying steam and vacuum in the Reactor for 30 min. Update Status Board of the Equipment as CLEANED and update Equipment usage Log Book. After maintenance work cleaning of reactor: Clean the reactor as per above method.

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