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AMMA WORLD LM. Reg. app. for GAMMA WORLD SCIENCE FANTASY ROLE-PLAYING GAME James M. Ward and i. y Gary Jaquet 7 ©1978, TSR Rules 2nd Printing, August, 1978 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION HOW TO USE THIS 800K ‘Suggested Additional Eq. det Dice inGAMMA WORLD. ...... DESIGNING GAMMA WORLD Sautlomente Snclont Areas... Other Suggestions There Scenario UneATING URAnAC TE Character Type Basic attributes Non-Player a Hopeless Characters. MUTATIONS Physical Mutations: Mortal Mattiono.- PlantVogetable Mutations. : Creating Non Player Creature Mutations PLAY OF THE GAME Tie, Moree and Tun Long. Combat. Encounters... ‘he Creatures Cryptic Alliances . Houards. Arifacts and Equipment. 20.0 2000.20.: Granderd Dovcte Unravel ‘rade, Value, and Exchange Healing of Body Damage Relatives Cinuages Robotic Unis. Experience EXAMBLE OF PLAY ‘Sample World Design. Starting the Campatgn Example ofa Referee M and Creatures. Drea number of pages at the end of this booklet are designed as reference aids and are perforated for easy ‘oma aesre 2