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What is an Adjective?
It is a describing word. It tells us something about a noun or a pronoun.

How to find an Adjective?

They answer 3 questions.
What kind (or type)? How many? Which one?

Remember to identify the noun first!

How to find an Adjective?

Three small children played at the park. Adjective Noun
(What kind?)

There were three horses standing.

Adjective (How many?) Noun

I want the fourth book.

Adjective (Which one?) Noun

How to find an Adjective?

An adjective usually appears before the noun it describes. Sometimes the adjective appears after the noun, later in the sentence. Sues drawing is beautiful.

Some more Examples

The rubber duck with his orange bill floated over the dirty water. Johns handwriting is very neat. That problem is too difficult.

So What does an Adjective say?

Looks like Feels like Smells like Tastes like Sounds like How many or much Where from (origin) Which one

What Words will you use to Describe this?

cute cuddly white fluffy small

What Words will you use to Describe this?

smiling bubbly colourful wet happy

Fill in the Blanks with Adjectives

An _________ bridge. A _________ elephant. The _________ children were sailing. That is a _________ money-bag. The ______ dog growled at the _____ man.

Underline the Adjectives

1. There is an empty basket ahead. 2. Its a cold and windy day. 3. She is so pretty. 4. Dont be foolish. 5. This garden is clean and beautiful. 6. Many people exercise to keep healthy. 7. I think these bottles are broken. 8. We are all happy. Today is a holiday. 9. The pupils find the story interesting. 10. Raja was absent because he was ill.

Few more Examples

Chinese kung-fu Indian flag. three juicy carrots. blue sky with white clouds few soldiers

Adjective Endings
Adjectives have different endings. Some end with ful or less.
a beautiful dress a careless driver a faithful dog a harmless insect a useful tool
Adjective ending with -full is opposite of same adjective ending in -less

Try changing the endings in these adjectives!

Adjective Endings
Some adjectives end with y.
a dirty road a noisy party an oily plate a sunny day

Some end in ive.

talkative pupils an active child

Adjective Endings
Some adjectives end in -ing.
a cunning fox a smiling face matching dress

Some adjectives end in -ly.

a lonely boy daily newspaper

an elderly man

Other Endings
Some adjectives end with -able, al, -en, -ible, -ish and -ous.
a national costume a comfortable chair a musical instrument a dangerous place a horrible mess a foolish act a famous poet a wooden table

Try These
Put correct endings to make these words into adjectives. peace__ dirt__ storm__ music__ nation__ forget__ dust__ gold__ charm__ friend__ child__ rot__ love__ danger__
(-ful,-y,-y,-al,-al,-ful,-y, -en,-ing, -y, -ish,- en, -ly, -ous)

So now you know what adjectives are. Remember they modify nouns and pronouns.