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Eulogy of Roaches

Bienvenido Lumbera

About the Author

Bienvenido Lumbera April 11, 1932 present Lipa, Batangas Graduated from UST Received PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Indiana Was imprisoned in January 1974 under Martial Law and was released in December that year.

The roach is known for being very difficult to kill.

It can survive for weeks without its head It can remain active without food for a month. Can go without air for 45 minutes Can survive being completely submerged underwater for an hour and recover completely Can survive high levels of radiation exposure


-To declare or put into operation -reddish brown; cockroach color

-a habitually lazy or inactive person

-to legally expel a person from a dwelling -a lack; a shortage -chronicles; esp. yearly ones

What literary devices are present here? Allusion: Blessed are the cockroaches is an allusion to the Beatitudes (See Matthew 5) Personification

Why are the cockroaches blessed? Why are they able to survive so well? What is the poem trying to say about Filipino society?