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Requirements for providing papers intended for publishing in the proceedings of the 10th International Conference Cryogenic Technologies

and Equipment. Prospects of Development

The Conference will be run within the framework of the13th International Specialized Exhibition "Cryogen-Expo - 2013".

The organizing Committee requests the papers to be submitted not lately then the date stipulated in the application form; otherwise the theses of the report shall not be inserted in the proceedings of the conference. The theses of the papers shall reflect the main ideas of the authors development. The papers shall contain the following information: authors name and surname, Title; contact details of the entertainment where the work has been conducted; address, telephone number, e-mail, text of 12 pt. The text shall be delivered in the electronic version (a diskette or by e-mail) released in the MS Word 6. The theses and annotations shall be typed in Russian and English, the text in Russian of not more than 2 pages should be released in MS Word 14 with a help of Times New Roman font, one should apply the single interval; the same terms are to be applied to the text in English (the title of the paper and the annotation shall be typed in English, the theses can be typed in English). The theses of the papers shall not be edited. The following apparatus shall be provided to show the materials: a computer (CD ROM, FDD) provided with the following software- Windows XP, MS PowerPoint, MS Office, Acrobat Reader and a multimedia projector.

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