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mu Yee TN} peli UNG) " ; e c Ly > OF THE Tanks, tractors, Opel Blitz, Steyr 1.5-ton, VW Kiibel, light and medium uniform Pkw, of the “Grossdeuischland” Panzergrenadier Division —all waiting at the Tim River crossing in June of 1942 and providing a microcosm of the vehicles of an elite German division. “Normal” units had a far greater variety of vehicles! GERMAN VEHICLES IN WORLD WAR II Trucks of the Wehrmacht A Photo Chronicle Reinhard Frank Schiffer Military History Atglen, PA Translated from the German by Dr. Edward Force. ‘This book was originally published under the title, Lastkraftwagen der Wehrmackt, by Podzun-Pallas Verlag, Copyright © 1994 by Schiffer Publishing Lid. Library of Congress Catalog Number: 94-66973 All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or used in any forms or by any means ~ graphic, electronic or mechanical, including photo- copying or information storage and retrieval systems — without written permis- sion from the copyright holder, Printed in the United States of America. ISBN; 0-88740-686-6 We are interested in hearing from authors with book ideas on related topics. Poblished by Schiffer Publishing Led, 77 Lower Valley Road. ‘Aiglen, PA 19310 Please write fora (ee catalog. ‘This book may be purchased from the publisher Please include $2.95 postage. “Try your bookstore first. CONTENTS Foreword The Supply Troops of the Wehrmacht Historical Development The Tasks of the Back-Line Services Structure of Back-Line Services in the Di Transport of Combat Troops The Trucks of the Wehrmacht German Trucks Carl F, W. Borgward GmbH, Bremen Biissing-NAG AG, Braunschweig, Daimler-Benz AG, Stuttgart-Untertiirkheim ‘The Uniform Diesel (various manufacturers) FAUN-Werke, Niirnberg Ford-Werke AG, KéIn-Niehl Henschel und Sohn GmbH, Kassel Kléckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG, Werk Ulm (Magirus) Fried. Krupp AG, Essen Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nirnberg AG (MAN), Niirnberg Adam Opel AG, Riisselsheim and Brandenburg Phénomen, Zittau Vogtlandische Maschinenfabrik AG (Vomag), Plauen Captured Trucks and Products of Occupied Countries Appendix Motor Vehicle Numbers Motor Vehicle Markings Tactical Symbols of the Supply Troops Troop Symbols Paint Schemes Night-Marching Equipment Motor Vehicles in Winter Motor Vehicles in Dust, Sand and Heat Wood-Gas Power ‘The Motor Vehicle Service Medal 25 27 27 34 47 63 73 76 86 95 101 114 19 133 137 139 187 187 189 193 195 196 199 201 203 204 206