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Heidelberg USA, Inc. Issue 7 2006

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Heidelberg Direct editorial

Jim Dunn

3 4 4 5 7 9 18 Tips & Tricks Did You Know... Calendar of Events Cover Story Speedmaster XL 105: The Press for Tomorrow...and Today Print Production Workflows Automating your workflow means maximizing your productivity. May we build a solution for your business? Products and Services Our complete portfolio in prepress, press, postpress, workflow, consumables, and service. Show Us Your Heidelberg To showcase your Heidelberg equipment and your personnel here, contact the editor (below).

The pleasures of the obvious

Sometimes it feels good just to come right out and state the obvious, and thats what we at Heidelberg feel like doing whenever we think about the importance of small printing businesses. Small firms are the bedrock of the industry: with 19,000 establishments employing more than 98,000 people, small commercial printers in the U.S. delivered nearly $10 billion in shipments in 2004. Now, thats something that bears repeating. So is this: small printers make up the majority of Heidelbergs customer base, a fact of which were intensely proud. It also gives us a responsibility that we take seriously. Our small customers tell us about the challenges that they face every day, and most of them are the same as those confronting bigger printing firms. This leads to another obvious conclusion: small printers are entitled to the same consideration that the big guys get from their equipment suppliers. Heidelbergs new Printers Advantage Program is our way of providing small shops with the benefits that they have worked so hard to earn. Whenever small printers investigate the program at, theyll get to know Heidelberg and its product offerings in a whole new way. Here we present prepress, press, and postpress solutions chosen specifically for the kinds of production that these shops do: compact CTP units and imagesetters; small-format presses; compatible folders, stitchers, binders, and die cutters; and Prinect components that can make a small shops workflow a model of efficiency that printing businesses of every size can admire. The program also will make it easier for small shops to access these solutions with special offers for selected equipment; discounts on parts and consumables; and other incentives to come. Were also planning educational activities aimed at helping small businesses market themselves. The best way to stay abreast of the benefits is to sign up as a Printers Advantage member at Its not even necessary to own a piece of Heidelberg equipment. If you are a small business, please let us show you how the Printers Advantage Program can help to make your business better. What matters to Heidelberg is the size of the success that our customers can achieve by using our productsnever the size of the customers themselves. And if thats a case of stating the obvious, you can quote me. Best regards,

Pass it on...
Heidelberg Direct is dedicated to helping everyone in your organization maximize the capabilities and output of your Heidelberg equipment, and stay current with our full range of products and services. We strive to keep you supplied with the latest knowledge and tools to enhance your productivity and increase your bottom line.
Wed like to send to send Heidelberg Direct to all of your prepress, press, and postpress managers. Just let us know whom to send it to by filling in the online form at Please have your customer account number handy (its above your address on the magazines mailing label). You can also request free subscriptions by phone: please call 1-888-472-9655, ext. 2.

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Jim Dunn President, Heidelberg USA Inc.


Tips & Tricks Heidelberg Direct

Tips & Tricks

Keep it short

Get a lock on colored stock
The best way to accurately reproduce a colored paper stock on a proofing device such as the HP 5000 inkjet proofer available from Heidelberg is to create a new target (press) ICC profile using the PrintOpen module of Prinect Profile Toolbox. First,

for editing. Using a spectrophotometer, read the LAB values from the colored paper to be reproduced. Enter the LAB value into the media white point setting in PrintOpen and save the edited profile (under a different name) as the new target profile.

Have the handbook at hand
Heres a simple but important tip for customers awaiting equipment service calls: before the service technician arrives, make sure to have the parts manual and wiring diagrams for the machine readily available so that time isnt wasted in searching for the documentation once the technician gets there. Its a good idea to inventory your library of equipment documents so that you wont be caught short in the event of a service visit. Missing something? Call the systemservice help desk (800-437-7388) to request a replacement.

Good perfecting is as much about the properties of the ink as it is about the performance of the sheet-reversing unit. Ink for perfecting has special performance requirements. For instance, to avoid smearing after sheet reversal, the ink of the first impression behind the perfector must not build up on the impression cylinders of the following printing units. To achieve this, the ink must be shorterless viscous or flowablethan normal. Ink manufacturers offer inks especially for perfecting, but if these are not available, the ink can be set short by adding 3% to 5% printing oil. Linseed oil-based additives are particularly recommended because they prevent drying and reduce the ink build-up on the downstream impression cylinders. A shortset ink also reduces trailing of the paper on the blanket.

The PrintOpen module of Prinect Profile Toolbox can generate and adjust ICC profiles, calculate spectral and density values, optimize uncalibrated prints using stored calibration data, and generate device link profiles for conversions from one CMYK printing process to another. print test patches for PrintOpen using the colored paper to be reproduced on the proofer. Read the values into PrintOpen using a spectrophotometer, and PrintOpen will create a target profile from this data. A quicker but less accurate solution is to bring the existing target profile into PrintOpen

Help them out by having the documentation for the machine at the machine.

DIRECT from the Source

Special Offers Exclusively for Users of Heidelberg Systems and Equipment through the Direct Marketing Call Center: 1-888-472-9655 Enjoy deep discounts on single-cassette loaders and multi-cassette loaders for new orders on all Prosetter and Suprasetter CtP devices. Call for details. Get the Airtech dryer/sprayer combo free with the order of a new Printmaster QM 46 two-color press. Call for details. Discounts are offered on selected configurations of new Stitchmaster ST 90 six-pocket saddlestitchers. Call for details.


Heidelberg Direct Did you know

Did You Know

CONSUMABLES Did you know Air Transfer System is controlled quickly and precisely by the Prinect CP2000 Center control console, ensuring smear-free printing even at top press speeds. This enables the Speedmaster CD 102 to handle a broad range of substrates from lightweight paper to stiff board, making it the ideal press for multifaceted market applications. POSTPRESS Did you know...

Calendar of Events
Heidelberg representatives will be on hand at many upcoming industry events, including the following: SEPTEMBER
Allegra Network Convention September 17-20, Las Vegas NGPA (National Government Publishing Assn.) September 24-27, Rochester, NY


PrintImage Int'l Annual Owners Conference October 12-15, Chicago

The Saphira Chemfree Thermal Plate uses a new coating technology based on micro spheres. The latex-based micro sphere coating is non-ablative and eliminates traditional thermal plate processing variables. The Suprasetters patented, 830nm thermal laser bonds the micro spheres to the grained aluminum base to expose the plate and form the printing image. The Saphira Chemfree Thermal Plate does not use developer, water, or a large-footprint processor. With a resolution of 200 lpi, the plate offers excellent excellent visual contrast and superior lithographic qualities. It is daylight-safe, compatible with UV inks, and is capable of run lengths up to 100,000. Available in thicknesses of .006", .008", and .012", the Saphira Chemfree Thermal Plate supports Heidelberg Suprasetter, Topsetter, and Trendsetter CTP units. PRESS Did you know...

Graph Expo/Converting Expo October 15-18, Chicago PIA/GATF Premier Print Awards Banquet October 15, Chicago Gold Ink Awards Banquet October 16, Chicago NAPL Soderstrom Society Banquet October 16, Chicago

The mobile feeders of the Stitchmaster ST 400 saddlestitcher can be positioned anywhere along both sides of the saddle chain for optimum adaptation to the job. The operator can, for example, shift the feeders further away from or closer to the center of the chain for stitching asymmetrical signatures, tilting the feeders and/or adjusting their height as desired. Equipped with servo drives, the feeders automatically adjust to the entered format. Depending on format and speed, they are also synchronized with the saddle chain. If the signatures are opened using vacuum suction, the opening time also is automatically adjusted to the lines speed. A patented register stop belt conveys signatures to the register stop in a way that dependably prevents them from being damaged. Five different feeder types are available for the Stitchmaster ST 400, including the WK 400 sample gluer and a stream feeder. PRINECT Did you know...


Print World 2006 November 18-20, Toronto


Brats & Dots Open House December 5, Kennesaw, GA

The patented Air Transfer System of the Speedmaster CD 102 lets sheets glide through the press without any mechanical stress or strain. The blast air is blown outward from the middle of the press by Venturi nozzles, generating a cushion of air on which sheets ride smoothly as they adapt to the shape of the sheet guide plate. The

Prinect Digital Print Manager will integrate offset and digital printing in one workflow, enabling Prinect users with mixed offset and digital print capability to take advantage of the fully integrated Prinect workflow for both. Prinect Digital Print Manager is designed to communicate with the JDFand JMF-compatible workflow components of Xerox and HP Indigo digital presses and, in the next stage, Kodaks NexPress production printer. Because the digital print configuration of each platform will be available to Digital Print Manager, outputspecific parameters for documents can be set as early as the prepress stage. Production data from digital print systems also are returned to the Prinect workflow via Prinect Digital Print Manager, making it possible to monitor and control offset and digital print processes in the same Prinect workflow. Prinect users thus will be able integrate a new digital press into their workflow just as easily as they can a plate recorder or a proofer.


Cover Story Heidelberg Direct

Speedmaster XL 105: The Press for Tomorrow...and Today

Heidelbergs Next-Generation Sheetfed Series Sets New Standards of Productivity and Efficiency for Industrial Printing in the Commercial and Packaging Sectors
eidelberg has been making best-ofclass printing equipment for more than 100 years, from the flatbed and platen letterpresses of the early 20th century to the high-performance lithographic platforms of the early 21st. Because Heidelbergs engineers build continuously upon a body of technical knowledge that grows deeper and richer over time, the development of a new press is more than just the launch of a single productits a technological step forward that raises the bar for everything that comes after it. Consider: Speedmaster XL 105, Heidelbergs newest sheetfed press and arguably the most sophisticated press of its kind on the market. Introduced at drupa 2004, the Speedmaster XL 105 isnt for every Heidelberg customer. It is, however, a machine so innovative that it defines new levels of productivity and quality for sheetfed printing across the board. In meeting the advanced design requirements of the Speedmaster XL 105, Heidelberg committed itself to a next-generation developmental standard that will benefit, in one way or another, every printer who invests in a Heidelberg press of this special type from now on.

The Speedmaster XL 105meeting design objectives that go well beyond just ramping up running speed by another 1,000 iph or shaving a minute or two off makereadyis the first specimen of an entirely new category of peak-performance sheetfed printing equipment. In specifying ambitious R&D goals for the Speedmaster XL 105, Heidelberg aimed at nothing less than setting a new benchmark for press automation. The press would have to beat all others in its class for output and printing quality at the highest consistently achievable production speeds. Because of its extreme sophistication, the Speedmaster XL 105 also would have to be an easy press to operate: tightly integrated with prepress and MIS via Prinect workflow tools; optimized for fastest job setup and changeover; and packed with time- and labor-saving preset functions from feeder to delivery.

first Speedmaster XL 105 from scratch was only the beginning of a lengthy test of its performance against Heidelbergs Quality Gates: a set of rigorous internal standards that every new product must meet before it will be approved for launch. That meant proving, among many other things, that the Speedmaster XL 105 could print with peerless quality in four, five, or six colors at speeds up to 18,000 iph not just on some substrates, but on the widest range of stocksonionskin paper to thick boardfor industrial printing in the commercial and packaging sectors. Just clearing the testing hurdles took time almost three yearsand Heidelberg did not release the press for sale or authorize full production until April of 2005. But today, more than 1,000 manufactured Speedmaster XL 105 units later, the machine is repeating its pass with flying colors in the pressrooms of customers around the world, where some first-time buyers already have ordered their second and even their third presses in the category. For a new product, the Speedmaster XL 105 clearly has made a fast break into an

Through the Quality Gates

Taking a press with these engineering dictates from concept to construction could not be accomplished overnight. Building the


Heidelberg Direct Cover Story

exceptionally competitive market. This is partly explained by the fact that the press has a fundamental difference from other sheetfeds in the 40" (70 x 100 cm) range: a bigger sheet size of 29.53 x 41.34" (75 x 105 cm). To the uninitiated, the extra sheet width may not sound like much, but it can be enough to permit imposing one more row of multiple-up product images than an ordinary 40" layout can handle. As a result, depending on what is being printed, the added surface area can make the Speedmaster XL 105 up to one-third more productive per sheet than smaller 40" equipment.

more ink to the paper than other systems on the market. The printing unitsbuilt with specially designed side frames and cylinder bearings for vibration-free runningalso house fully automatic AutoPlate Advanced plate changers, programmable cloth washup devices, and optional InkLine systems for continuous ink supply. Breaking new ground in inline coating was another core objective in the design of the Speedmaster XL 105, and that ambition has been realized in a chamber doctor-blade coating device that rivals flexographic units for consistent, flexible application of aqueous, UV, and special functional coatings. Pressure settings and register are remotely controllable, and blanket and plate clamping are easy, fast, and tension-free thanks to the self-centering action of the clamps. A unique feature is the optional Multi-Loader System, which can store and rotate into position up to four different screen rollers for a safe and very fast screen roller exchange. After coating and a pass through the equally innovative DryStar 3000 infrared hot-air drying system, the sheets next are taken into the air-supported sheet guide path of the Preset Plus Delivery by that units aerodynamically designed gripper bars. Transfer of sheets onto the pile is smooth, stable, and flutter-free, preventing smearing and damage even to heavily inked surfaces. Like nearly all other functions of the run, these processes can be recorded and added to already existing material characteristic curves as makeready-minimizing presets for subsequent jobs. All in all, its an impressive-sounding array of press technologies in a single platform, but what else does the Speedmaster XL 105 do besides showcase Heidelbergs prowess in engineering and R&D? Ask a printing firm that owns one, or more than one: for example, the German print shop that recently ordered 27 Speedmaster XL 105 printing units and changed over its entire pressroom to the series. A plant in California did likewise, swapping its existing sheetfed complement for two six-color Speedmaster XL 105s with inline aqueous coating. This company says that the new presses frequently run flat out at 18,000 iph and that they achieve speeds above 15,000 iph 60% of the time. The company also notes that the new presses can print in five days what its old equipment needed seven to produce.

Total control from the console

its UV capability; the X3 delivery option for high-speed output with heavy quantities of aqueous coating applied; and, for nearpress logistical support, the AutoPile roller conveyor system, which provides automatic pallet transport to the feeder and off the delivery as well. With the high production speeds and the thicker substrates common to package printing, the fully automatic nonstop feeder becomes a particular must-have option for that segment. The Speedmaster XL 105 also is good at sharing its best features with other Heidelberg presses for industrial printing. Parallel to the testing of the Preset Plus Feeder and the Preset Plus Delivery for the Speedmaster XL 105 was the adaptation of these systems for use in the Speedmaster SM 102 and Speedmaster CD 102 a move that boosted the competitiveness of these presses against others in their format class. Heidelbergs evolving VLF (very large format) presses, the 56" Speedmaster XL 142 and the 64" Speedmaster XL 162, will be seen to incorporate many of the Speedmaster XL 105s design elements when they make their debuts. The shape in which the Speedmaster XL 105 made its own debut probably is the first of many that the versatile platform will take. Press customization is a Heidelberg specialty, and the design of the Speedmaster XL 105 lends itself well to this purpose. Presses with UV, double coating, coating before printing, and other custom-build configurations are likely variants, and so are perfectors: a twoside, one-pass version of the Speedmaster XL 105 could be available in time for the next drupa in 2008. What should be noted in closing is that the Speedmaster XL 105 also is the worlds best-looking pressan imposing yet sleekly styled machine that has captured prestigious industrial design awards in the U.S., Germany, and Japan. Its true that by themselves, good looks dont score points for engineering, R&D, or even necessarily customer appeal. But as the industrial printing market discovers that the steely glamour of the Speedmaster XL 105 absolutely stands for the matchless quality of the printing it produces, heads are sure to start turning in its direction almost as fast as cylinders spinning at 18,000 iph.

Many other productivity-enhancing features have helped to win market acceptance for the Speedmaster XL 105, which can be configured with four to eight printing units plus coater. They begin at the Prinect CP2000 Center console, where new jobs can be completely preset; all air settings for repeat jobsor just repeat stockcan be stored; and inking, dampening, and washup functions can be programmed and activated. At the high operating speeds of the press, production efficiency is all about the right aerodynamics, especially when it comes to thinner substrates. The Preset Plus Feeder uses central suction tape and sheet deceleration in the front lays to assure precise feed registration at all speeds. As the job moves through the printing units, double-size transfer cylinders and the advanced Venturi nozzle technology of the AirTransfer system for substrate travel eliminate worries about sheet stability and marking. The Speedmaster XL 105s Hycolor integrated inking and dampening system permits inking adjustments for thin or thick coverage with push-button changeovers between short and standard inking modes. Hycolor guarantees the highest print quality by offering a variety of remote controlled functions, like oscillator phasing, that reduce physical limitations for instance, ghostingto a non-visible minimum. Hycolor also transfers significantly

Preferred for packaging

Thats an unprecedented level of productivity that many other printers, particularly those specializing in packaging, are going to find hard to resist. Besides the larger format, ultra-fast makereadies, and the highest real production speeds, the press has features that are tailor-made for package printing:



Heidelberg creates the most efficient solutions for any size shop among many segmentsquick print, commercial print, industrial print, packaging, label, and postpressand will help you tailor the most efficient workflow to maximize the potential of your equipment within your particular business. Quick Print Solutions - Workflow Example
To produce short single- and multi-color rush jobs in a hurry for your customers, you need components that are perfectly tailored to the diverse requirements of small-format printing and enable fast, flexible, highly cost-effective work.





4 1 2 3

9 10

11 13


1. 2. 3. 4.

Prinect Prinance Prinect Signa Station Prinect MetaDimension & Prinect Profile Toolbox Form Proofer

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Quicksetter 300E Printmaster QM 46-2 Prinect MetaDimension Quickmaster DI 46-4 Pro Prinect Prepress Interface

10. Prinect Online Kit 11. Classic Center 12. Printmaster PM 52-5-P 13. POLAR Compucut 14. POLAR 78X

15. Stahlfolder TA 52 16. Stahlfolder USA B 20 17. Stitchmaster ST 90

Commercial Print Solutions - Workflow Example

Heidelberg offers innovative technical concepts, presses, and workflows that effectively meet the practical requirements of printers in the A2 format.

12 9






6 8

10 18 11 13 15 17 19

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Prinect Remote Access Internet Prinect Prinance Prinect Signa Station Prinect Printready System Prinect MetaDimension & Prinect Profile Toolbox

7. Form Proofer 8. Prinect MetaShooter 9. Prosetter 74 10. Prinect Prepress Interface 11. Prinect CP2000 Center & Prinect Axis Control 12. Speedmaster SM 52-8-P

13. Prinect CP2000 Center 14. Speedmaster SM 52-5+L+D 15. Prinect CP2000 Center & Prinect Axis Control 16. Speedmaster SM 74-6-P+LX 17. POLAR Compucut 18. POLAR 115XT with bander

19. Prinect FCS 100 20. Stahlfolder Ti 36 Proline 21. Stahlfolder TH 82 with Speedbander 22. Eurobind 1200

systemservice Help Desk: 800-437-7388

Sales help: 888-472-9655

Heidelberg Direct solutions

Industrial Print Solutions - Workflow Example

Heidelberg offers you flexible, open solutions designed to secure your competitive edge, both today and in the future.

10 7 5 1 2 3 4 6 8 9 11 13







1. 2. 3. 4.

Prinect Prinance Prinect Signa Station Prinect Printready System Prinect MetaDimension & Prinect Profile Toolbox

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Form Proofer Prinect MetaShooter Suprasetter 105 Prinect Prepress Interface Prinect CP2000 Center

10. Speedmaster CD 74-8-P+LX 11. Prinect CP2000 Center 12. Speedmaster SM 102-10-P with Perfecting Coating Solution & Cutstar 13. Prinect Image Control

14. POLAR Compucut 15. POLAR System L-R-P-137-T 16. Prinect FCS 100 17. Stahlfolder KH 82 18. Stitchmaster ST 400

Packaging Solutions - Workflow Example

Packaging solutions from Heidelberg enable you to professionally produce economically and environmentally optimal packaging.

11 8 6 10 1 2 3 4 5 7 9 13 12 14

1. 2. 3. 4.

Prinect Prinance Prinect Data Control Prinect Signa Station Prinect Printready System

5. 6. 7.

Prinect MetaDimension & Prinect Profile Toolbox Form Proofer Prinect MetaShooter

8. Suprasetter S105 MCL 9. Prinect Prepress Interface 10. Prinect CP2000 Center 11. Speedmaster XL 105-6+LX

12. Prinect Image Control 13. Dymatrix 106 CSB 14. ECO 105-2

systemservice Help Desk: 800-437-7388

Sales help: 888-472-9655

Prepress Products Heidelberg Direct

Prinect Printready System

Prinect Signa Station

Prinect Prepress Interface

Prinect Profile Toolbox

Prinect Software Products

Prinect Management Solutions Prinect Data Control Prinect Prinance Prinect pressroom and production server; all-embracing production management control system; links Heidelberg machines for print shop planning and control; up-to-the-second job data at every workstation; JDF Interface that links Heidelberg presses and workflow with leading print management systems JDF-enabled professional print management system; provides cost estimates, accepts orders, manages inventory of raw materials and finished goods, coordinates delivery of finished product, invoicing, costing; transparency of entire process is ensured; Prinance Direct Access feature provides Web-based customer interface for RFQ and fulfillment

Prinect Color Solutions Prinect Various Modules Combination of products, services, and training to optimize color management in closed-loop workflow between prepress and pressroom; ensures shortest possible makeready and color stability throughout press run; maintains accurate ICC profiling for consistently reliable proofing; the use of MiniSpots provides continuous press monitoring to maintain consistent quality and proof-to-press matching and makes it easy to cope with changing printing conditions that affect dot gain

Prinect Production Solutions Prinect MetaDimension Prinect Trap Editor Prinect Printready System Prinect Profile Toolbox Prinect Calibration Toolbox Prinect Signa Station Prinect Color Editor Prinect MetaShooter Prinect PDF Assistant Prinect Prepress Interface Output RIP component of the Printready System; it also can be used as a stand-alone PDF or PostScript workflow with Signa Station; options include trapping, proofing and color management Powerful Adobe Acrobat plug-in for interactive, object oriented trapping; traps on native PDF files and is available for both Mac and Windows PC A PDF/JDF based output workflow management system that organizes prepress production including normalizing, pre- flighting, OPI, color management, trapping, imposition and final output to proof, film or plate Reliable basis for implementing color management workflow; consists of Print Open for ICC profile generation, and Quality Monitor for proof, print analysis Accurately calibrates plates for desired dot gain; calculates linearizations for screen spacings without time-consuming imager tests; connects to nearly all popular measurement devices User-friendly, assistant-based digital impositioning; generate mixed forms, multiple layouts on same sheet; makes constant distinction between press sheet and signature, or sheets for folding Centralized color management tool for checking and optimizing PDF; all color management functions take place in one simple-to-use Adobe Acrobat plug-in, ensuring color fidelity for all media (offset printing, digital printing, Web publishing, CD ROM production) Integrates the latest CTP technologies via the TIFF-B format and increases overall CTP plate throughput; supports full output status reporting; allows connectivity of foreign CTP devices to the Prinect Printready System Acrobat plug-in for analyzing/managing PDF data during production; automated checking, modification of page geometry; front to back soft proofing register High-powered CIP4/PPF interface that uses imposition data for presetting cutting, folding, and stitching machines; calculates ink presetting data based on RIP data that is also used to make proofs and plates

systemservice Help Desk: 800-437-7388

Sales help: 888-472-9655

Heidelberg Direct prinect products

Prinect Production Solutions

Product Name Prinect CP2000 Center & Print Center Press Consoles Prinect Classic Center Prinect Axis Control Prinect Image Control Prinect Online Kit POLAR Compucut Prinect FCS 100 Production Data Management (PDM) Compustitch CSW Compufold Workflow CFW Features and Benefits One Touch Productivity is achieved with the industry-leading operating system for Speedmaster presses with remote ink control; color touchscreen used for making all entries and checks; enables presetting of next job while current job is running Ergonomic remote inking, dampening, register control; fast presetting of ink zones, ink fountain roller sweep with optional light pen; standard daylight lamp, sample sheet holder, more Spectrophotometric color measurement system; integrates into the Prinect CP2000 Center; measuring head moves in two axes to place color bar anywhere on sheet and is always parked conveniently out of operator's way The only color measurement system that measures the whole print image; determines deviations from pre- defined values and automatically calculates adjustments for simultaneous regulation of all ink zones Provides network capability for Speedmaster presses equipped with CPC1.04 press consoles as well as Printmaster PM 52 and Printmaster PM 74 presses equipped with the Classic Center console, thereby enabling these presses to achieve full integration in a Prinect environment Automatic generation of cutting programs using prepress data; high-speed cutter is programmed for next job while current job is being executed; saves average of 10 minutes of makeready per job Production/information system for integration of finishing processes into Prinect; online recording of production data for business management evaluation Ensures precise recording of operating data from folders, saddlestitchers within Prinect Prinect FCS 100 module that calculates programs for Stitchmaster ST 400 saddlestitcher; speeds changeovers Prinect FCS 100 module that calculates machine programs for folders; choose manual data entry or automatic extraction from folding data

Prosetter 102 with processor

Suprasetter 105

CtP Output Devices

Product Name Quicksetter 300 E Quicksetter 400 E Prosetter 52 Prosetter 74/F 74 Plate Type Polyester, film, RC paper in 13.3" widths Polyester, film, RC paper in 15.75" widths Image Area, Max. 13.3 x 20" 15.75 x 20" Resolution 1,200/2,400/3,000 dpi 1,200/2,400/3,000 dpi Plates/Hour (at 2,540 dpi) n/a n/a Up to 20 Up to 16 (Prosetter 74) Up to 24 (Prosetter F 74) Up to 12 (Prosetter 102) Up to 18 (Prosetter 102 F) Up to 19 (S 74) Up to 30 (H 74) Up to 14 (E 105) Up to 19 (S 105) Up to 30 (H 105)

Violet silver halide or photopolymer aluminum 26.38 x 20.67" 2,400/2,540/3,200/3,386 dpi Violet silver halide or photopolymer aluminum 26.38 x 29.53" 2,400/2,540/3,200/3,386 dpi

Prosetter 102/F 102 Violet silver halide or photopolymer aluminum 31.93 x 41.54" 2,400/2,540/3,200/3,386 dpi

Suprasetter S 74/H 74 Thermal aluminum 26.30 x 29.53" 1,270/2,540 dpi

Suprasetter E 105/ Thermal aluminum 36.14 x 44.88" 1,270/2,540 dpi

S 105/H 105

10 systemservice Help Desk: 800-437-7388

Sales help: 888-472-9655

CONSUMABLE Products Heidelberg Direct

All Heidelberg Consumables are selected and certified to provide optimum performance for your Heidelberg system and consistency for your customers most demanding jobs.

Product Name Saphira Chemfree Thermal Plate Saphira Quickplate Saphira Thermoplate PL Saphira Thermoplate NA Features and Benefits Negative-working aluminum plate for the Suprasetter; screen ruling up to 200 lpi, 2-98%; 6-, 8-, 12-mil; run length up to 100,000* Daylight-safe, thermal ablative, waterless polyester plate optimized for Quickmaster DI 46 presses; .007" thickness, 870-nm, 13.375" x 64' roll; 200 lpi screen with 1,270 dpi; run length up to 20,000* Non-ablative negative thermal plate for the Speedmaster 74 DI; 12-mil, 830-nm, 23.82 x 29.33"; screen ruling up to 200 lpi; daylight operation Non-ablative negative thermal plate for Suprasetter; 6-,8-, 12-mil, 830-nm; 1-99% @ 240 lpi; FM screening @ 25 micron**;

200,000 impressions unbaked,* 500,000 impressions baked*; very high resistance to pressroom chemicals* Saphira Violet Plate Saphira Proofing Paper Cristala Quickplate Perfect Dot Blanket * depending on press conditions Positive-working aluminum plate for the Prosetter; screen ruling up to 250 lpi, 2-98% (1-99% at 200 lpi); 6-, 8-, 12-mil; run length up to 350,000* Contract proofing paper for HP DJ30/130 and HP DJ 5000/5500; dual-sided imposition paper for Spinjet 1000/5500 Polyester plate for the Quicksetter 300E and 400E; screen ruling up to 150 lpi; 8-mil; run length up to 20,000* Compressible 4-ply blanket; fine-grind surface; thickness: 0.077"; tolerance: 0.001"; smash resistant up to 0.016" **resolution dependent

Heidelbergs cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services ideally complement one another worldwide. Technical Service More than 400 Heidelberg service technicians are at your disposal. These highly trained individuals perform a complete range of services for prepress, press, and postpress and Heidelberg software products. Original Service Parts System-proven quality: by using Original Heidelberg Service Parts, you opt for technical reliability and superior quality. Original Heidelberg Service Parts are 100% harmonized with your production system. We supply 80% of all service parts within 24 hours. Remote Service Heidelbergs specialists are always near youno farther than the next telephone. When you call, they will use a remote data link to analyze your equipment. Full Service Program To ensure full service support, Heidelberg offers a program for repair and parts coverage as well as direct access to Heidelberg experts.
systemservice Help Desk: 800-437-7388

Full security and predictable costs to help you maximize the output of your production systems. Maintenance Services To rule out failure in advance, Heidelberg offers a set of maintenance schedules for detailed assessment of equipment and early identification of preventive measures. For maximum uptime, day after day. systemservice 36plus For the ultimate in protection, when you purchase most new presses from Heidelberg, you get 36 months of covered repairs and parts replacement with premium access to special preventive services.
systemservice Help Desk 800-437-7388 8:00AM 8:00PM EST (Mon.-Fri.)

Sales help: 888-472-9655 11

Heidelberg Direct press products

Printmaster QM 46-2

Printmaster PM 52 2-color

Printmaster PM 52 5-color

Printmaster and Direct Imaging

Product Name Printmaster QM 46 # Units 1-2 Perfecting N/A N/A optional optional optional Max. Speed (sph) 10,000 10,000 8,000 13,000 Max. Sheet Size 18.11 x 13.39" 18.11 x 13.39" 14.17 x 20.47" 14.56 x 20.47" Max. Image Size 17.83 x 12.99" 17.72 x 12.99" 13.38 x 19.88" 14.17 x 20.47" Stock Thickness 0.0016-0.012" 0.002-0.016" 0.0012-0.016" 0.0012-0.016" 0.0012-0.024"

Quickmaster DI 46-4 Pro 4 Printmaster GTO 52 Printmaster PM 52 1-5 1-5

Printmaster PM 74 2-4

13,000 20.87 x 29.13" 20.08 x 29.13"

Speedmaster SM 74-6+LX with inline coater and extended delivery

Product Name Speedmaster SM 52 # Units 1-10 Perfecting optional Max. Speed (sph) 10: 13,000 Max. Sheet Size 14.56 x 20.47" Max. Image Size 14.17 x 20.47" Stock Thickness 0.0012-0.016" (opt.: up to 0.024")

Inline Finishing Options Aqueous coating, UV coating and drying, die cutting Aqueous coating

1-8: 15,000

Speedmaster SM 74 2-10 optional 2-8/10: 15,000 20.87 x 29.13" 20.08 x 29.13" SM 74-8P+L: 13,000 15,000 20.87 x 29.13" (C) 20.08 x 29.13" (C) 0.0012-0.032" 0.0012-0.024"

Speedmaster CD 74 4-10 1

Aqueous coating, UV coating and drying, LYL/LYYL1, Duo2, LPL3 Aqueous coating, PC2S4 Aqueous coating, LYL/LYYL1, Duo2 Aqueous coating, UV coating and drying, LYYL1, Duo2

optional 18,000 23.82 x 29.13" (F) 23.03 x 29.13" (F)

Speedmaster SM 102 2-12 optional 2-8: 13,000 28.35 x 40.16" 27.95 x 40.16" 0.0012-0.032"

Speedmaster CD 102 2-10 N/A 2-8: 15,000 28.35 x 40.16" 27.95 x 40.16" 0.0012-0.040"

Speedmaster XL 105 4-8 N/A 18,000 29.53 x 41.34" 29.13 x 41.34" 0.0012-0.040"

1Double coater configuration 2Flexo unit before print unit 3Coating before and after perfecting

4Coating before and after perfecting

12 systemservice Help Desk: 800-437-7388

Sales help: 888-472-9655

POSTPress Products Heidelberg Direct

Eurobind 1200

Eurobind 500


Adhesive Binding
Adhesive Binding Mechanical Speed No. of Clamps Binding Length Binding Height Binding Thickness 0.08-1.97" 0.08-1.77" Eurobind 500 500 cycles/hour Eurobind 1200 1 4.72-17.32" 4.72-12.60"

1,200 cycles/hour 4 5.71-16.54" 4.72-11.81"

Booklet Trimming Eurotrim

Mechanical Speed 900 cycles/hour

Book Block, Trimmed (Spine x Side) 3.94 x 3.54" (min.) to 18.50 x 12.99" (max.)

Cutting Height 0.12-2.36"

Cutting Systems, Jogging Systems and Cutters

Cutting and Jogging Systems Format Features S Stacklift, POLAR air conveyor units POLAR Cutting System L-(137)-L 531516" (sheet diagonal) LW 1000-4 loader, TR E 130-4 unloader, RA-4 jogger TR 3 B 160-6 loader, TR E 160-6 unloader, Autoturn turning gripper, Autotrans gripper transport system LW Stacklift, RA jogger, LL air-pallet lift

POLAR Cutting System L-R-(137)-T 2712 x 3938" POLAR Cutting System T-(155)-T 35 x 49 " POLAR Jogging System L-R-P 2912 x 41516" 41 x 55 " POLAR Jogging System L-R-T all sizes up to
1 16 9 16 5 16 15 16 1 16 5 8

LW Stacklift, RA jogger, Transomat E Unloader

48 x 64 " POLAR Jogging System L-R-P-(137)-T all sizes up to

5 16 1 16

LW Stacklift, RAH automatic jogger, STR piling-board shelf, X/XT cutter

41 x 57 "


Cutting Width

Clamp Opening

Feed Depth

POLAR 66 2638" 318" 2638" POLAR 78 301116" 434" 301116" POLAR 92 36" 518" 36" POLAR 115 45" 612" 45" POLAR 137 531516" 612" 57" POLAR 155 61" 612" 61" (78" opt.)

POLAR 176 69516" 612" 78"

POLAR 137 X cutter

systemservice Help Desk: 800-437-7388

Sales help: 888-472-9655 13

Heidelberg Direct Postpress products

Dymatrix 106 CSB


Diecutting Sheet Size Max. Sheet Size Min. 13.78 x 15.75" 13.78 x 15.75" 13.78 x 15.75" Machine Speed Max. Cutting Die Size Max. Dymatrix 105 29.13 x 41.34" Dymatrix 106 29.92 x 41.73" Dymatrix 113 32.28 x 44.49" 9,000 sheets/hour 29.13 x 41.73" 9,000 sheets/hour 30.31 x 42.13" 9,000 sheets/hour 32.13 x 44.57"

Diecutting & Hot Foil Stamping KAMA TS 74-60 23.6 x 29.1" KAMA TS 105 29.1 x 41.3" 8.268 x 11.693" 5,000 sheets/hour 28 x 23" 13.0 x 18.9" 4,500 sheets/hour 28.3 x 40.3"

Stahlfolder USA B 20

Stahlfolder TH 56

Product Name Easyfold Sheet Size Max. Sheet Size Min. Fold Length Max. Fold Length Min. Max. Speed (in./min.) 14 x 20" 3 x 5"
1 1 3

13.5" 2" 7,080 1878" 17" 112"

7 8

Stahfolder TA 52 20 2 x 33 2" 4 X 4 4" Stahlfolder Ti 36 14 x 26" 3 x 4"

7 3 16


" 6,300

Stahlfolder Ti 52 20 x 40" 4 x 5 8" 21"

3 8 3 8 1 2 1 2 1 7 8 1 8 1

112" 7,080 9,000 9,000 9,000 8,200 9,000 9,000 9,000

1 Stahlfolder TH 56 22 x 50 " 5 x 7" 22 " 2 8"

Stahlfolder TH 66 26 x 50 " 5 x 7" 22 " 2 " Stahlfolder TH 82 32 4 x 50 2" 5 2 x 7" 24 4" 2 8" Stahlfolder USA B 20 20 x 33" 4 x 6" 20 "
1 2 1 1 2 1 3 4 3 1 2 1 1 1

1 8

1 "
1 4 1

1 2

Stahlfolder USA B 24 24 x 50 " 5 x 7" 20 " 2 " Stahlfolder USA B 26 26 x 50 2" 5 2 x 7" 20 4" 2 4" Stahlfolder USA B 30 30 x 50" 5 x 7" 26 "
1 2 1 2

1 "

3 4

Product Name

Sheet Size Sheet Size Fold Length Max. Fold Length Max. Fold Length Max. Fold Length Min. Fold Length Max. Speed Maximum Minimum 1st station 1st crossfold 2nd crossfold 1st station Crossfold (all) in./min.
3 1 7

Stahlfolder KH 56 22 x 50 8" 5 2 x 7" 22 8"

3 8 3 8 1 2 1 2 1 5 1


11" 4" 4" 13" 238" 4" 15 8" 2 " 4"

3 3 8

9,000 9,000 9,000

1 Stahlfolder KH 66 26 x 50 " 5 x 7" 24 " 20 2"

Stahlfolder KH 78 32 x 50 " 5 x 7" 24 8" 22 4"

14 systemservice Help Desk: 800-437-7388

Sales help: 888-472-9655

postpress Products Heidelberg Direct

Diana X 135

ECO 105

Folding Carton Gluing

Product Name Diana 45 Width, Max. Length, Max. Machine Speed, Max. Output, Max. 17.72" 23.62" 1,312 fpm 50,000 pcs/hour

Diana Pro 74 29.13" 35.43" 2,132 fpm 50,000 pcs/hour Diana Pro 94 37.01" 35.43" 2,132 fpm 50,000 pcs/hour Diana Pro 114 44.88" 35.43" 2,132 fpm 50,000 pcs/hour Diana 115 42.52" 35.43" Diana 125 53.13" 35.43" Diana 145 57.09" 47.24" Diana 165 68.90" 47.24" ECO 80 31.45" 19.69" 1,476 fpm 50,000 pcs/hour 1,476 fpm 50,000 pcs/hour 1,181 fpm 50,000 pcs/hour 1,181 fpm 50,000 pcs/hour 1,312 fpm 35,000 pcs/hour 1,312 fpm 35,000 pcs/hour

ECO 105 41.34" 25.59"

POLAR Multi-Station Bander BM-105

POLAR Label System SC-21MB with transfer station/conveyor belts

Label Systems
Product Name Sheet Size Maximum
3 8 5 16 5

Strip Length Maximum

5 16

Label Size Maximum 165 x 240 mm 165 x 240 mm 8" (width) 9 " (width) 9916" (width)
9 16

Label Size Minimum

13 16 13 16

Die-Cut Size Maximum

17 32 3 32

Die-Cut Size Minimum

5 8 5 8

POLAR Label System DC-10 28 x 41 " 41 " POLAR Label System DC-11 28 8 x 41 16" 41 16" POLAR Label System SC-20MB 28 x 40 " 40 " POLAR Label System SC-21MB 28 x 41 " 40 " POLAR Label System SC-22MB 28 8 x 40 16" 40 16"
3 3 3 3 8 5 16 3 16 3 8 3 16 3 16 3 5

x 1" 6 x 8 "

x 11332"

x 1" 61732 x 8332"

x 11332"

1" (width)
13 16 13 16

" (width) " (width)

systemservice Help Desk: 800-437-7388

Sales help: 888-472-9655 15

Heidelberg Direct postpress products

POLAR Label System DC-M

POLAR Label System Inline Die-Cutter DC

Label Systems
Product Name Clamp Opening Clamp Opening Maximum

Label Size Maximum

Label Size Minimum

13 16

Die-Cut Size Maximum

Die-Cut Size



Minimum Cycles/Minute
5 8

POLAR Die-Cutter DC-M 5 8"

1616" 61116 x 8"

x 1" 6716 x 8332"

x 11332" 12-18 cycles/min.

Product Name

Label Size Maximum


Label Size

Pile Height

Length of Log


5 8

Maximum Cycles/Minute 191116" 12-18 cycles/min. 15 cycles/min.

POLAR Single Head Bander BD 6 3 x 8"

1 2

x 137"

1316 to 5"

POLAR Single Head Bander BT 29 2 x 6 3" 2 x 1 6" POLAR Multi-Station Bander BM-105 8 2 x 4"
1 13 16

116 to 5" 29"

x 38" 33716 to 37"

n/a 5 cycles/min.

(working height)

Stitchmaster ST 400

Product Name Stitchmaster ST 90 Stitchmaster ST 100 Stitchmaster ST 350 Stitchmaster ST 400 Output Speed, Max. 9,000 cycles/hour 9,000 cycles/hour 12,000 cycles/hour 14,000 cycles/hour Trimmer Format, Max. Product Thickness, Max. 12.01 x 13.74" 12.01 x 13.74" 12.40 x 18.70" 12.20 x 18.66" No. of Stitching Heads 0.39" 4 0.39" 4 0.47" 6 0.47" 6

16 systemservice Help Desk: 800-437-7388

Sales help: 888-472-9655

Product Accessories Heidelberg Direct

SpeedmasterStar System
Built to increase Speedmaster productivity by 8% to 10%, each Star System peripheral works seamlessly with the press it was designed for. From dryers and powder sprayers to dampening solution supply solutions, nearly all Star System peripherals are controllable via the Prinect CP2000 Center: AirStar and ScrollStar CleanStar CoatingStar CutStar DryStar and DryStar UV

Shining Star: CutStar Roll-to-Sheet Feeder A massive boost in paper-saving productivity, the CutStar Plus roll-to-sheet feeder lets the sheetfed printer buy and run paper at web-roll prices, enabling cost savings of between 6% and 20%. i nstalls in front of feeder of Speedmaster CD 74, CD 102, SM 102, and XL 105 stock weights between 30 and 300 gsm also handles plastic sheet and metallized papers infinitely adjustable cutoff lengths

HydroStar and CombiStar InkLine and InkLine Direct PowderStar StaticStar WashStar and EcoClean

Folding Carton Gluing Jagfeed Prefeeder and Pile Turner Jagpack Pro SB-2 Collator-Stacker Inlet-Spotter Features and Benefits Low working height; stable conditions in the feeder; greater productivity without extra personnel, minimized unit costs Packs up to 200,000 cartons/hour; easy handling; cuts makeready times by up to 50% Add-on for fast carton stacking; runs corrugated and solid boxboard gluers faster; increases gluer output, lowers production costs For compartmentalized cartons, detergent boxes; precise, twist-free blank intake with vacuum-assisted timed belt feeder

POLAR Pile Turner

Sheet Size, Max.

1 8

Carrying Force, Max. 1,100 lbs.

Pile Height, Max. 49" 53916" 68"

PW-1 21 x 29 "

PW-4, PW-4 AB, PW-4 ABV 31 x 47" 2,200 lbs. PW-6, PW-6 AB, PW-6 ABV 40316 x 551516" 3,300 lbs.

Stack Deliveries SAK & SAL Stream Deliveries VSA Vertical Stack Delivery SBP Horizontal Stack Delivery SPH 70 Speedbander

Features and Benefits For different shapes, formats and thicknesses; suitable for single- and multiple-ups; adjustable height, speed; long or short delivery Multiple-up production; counts, batches, presses, stacks up to four-ups; double set of pressing rollers; adjustable table height, infeed height, speed Large reservoir; medium to long runs; dual set of pressing rollers; four-up production, including count batches; height-adjustable Small footprint; height-adjustable feed table; batching and pressing functions Works with folders, stitchers; high-speed banding with ultrasonic fusion; format range from 3.94 x 2.95" to 37.01 x 9.25"

Additional Units STA Small Format Deliveries VFZ 52 Knife Folding Unit MKE Marking Device Pressing Station PS Gluing Attachments ACC 2.4 Control Module

Features and Benefits Small-formats, multiple-up production; batching and counting; available as attachable unit or with independent mobile carrier Mobile, height-adjustable; use as third folding unit for operator-friendly U configuration; pivots 180 for up or down fold Mobile, standalone, height-adjustable; counts and laterally staggers batches of up to eight-up Reduces pile thickness, sharpens folds; equipped with its own drive; adjustable infeed height, speed Large range available to handle numerous inline manufactured products; can be incorporated with folders Controls pneumatically operated FFP gatefold buckle plate, gluing heads, EAP heads for timed perforation

systemservice Help Desk: 800-437-7388

Sales help: 888-472-9655 17

Heidelberg Direct Show US your heidelberg

Show Us Your Heidelberg

 Were a Heidelberg shop. Its always been a mark of distinction in the printing industry, and the Heidelberg users on these pages are proud to claim it. We salute them!

Steve Puchi, plant manager at AdGraphics in Lake Forest, CA, poses with the Quickmaster DI 46-4 direct imaging press that the trade and commercial printing company installed in late May of this year. The press will be used to print brochures, direct mail, and other short run, four-color work. Its ProSpot technology images the smallest spot size of any QM DI press for enhanced print quality. Also installed at the 28-employee plant were three Printmaster QM 46 two-color presses, which replaced eight smaller presses. AdGraphics reports that the Printmaster QM 46 presses have nearly tripled daily productivity and have eliminated shop overtime.

Gathering around the Suprasetter thermal CTP unit recently installed by Cogar Printing are, from left, Randy Cogar, president, who started the business in 1980; Jackie Kahl, design and prepress director; Allan Ogle, prepress specialist; and Mark Cogar, vice president. The Middle River, MD, company is a provider of design, prepress, and print production services. The latter capability has been upgraded by the addition of a Printmaster PM 52 five-color.

Kion Printing & Packaging, City of Industry, CA, is using its new six-color Speedmaster XL 105 with coater to produce general commercial and folding carton packaging work for its pharmaceutical, food, and software clients at running speeds up to 18,000 iph. The Speedmaster XL 105 joins a six-color Speedmaster CD 102 and a four-color Speedmaster CD 102 press at Kion, which was founded in 1982. Working at the Prinect CP2000 Center console of the new press are, from left, Javier Fernandez (second pressman), Luis Lucero (senior pressman), and Ken Chandler (production coordinator).

Newforms Inc., a general commercial printer doing business in Covington, KY, since 1988, has increased pressroom productivity with the addition of a Printmaster QM DI 46-4 press. Newforms uses the new press to produce sales flyers, postcards, color letterhead, newsletters, and other jobs for its financial, medical, real estate, and government clients. The shop also relies on Heidelberg consumables including plates, Perfect Dot blankets, ink fountain foils, and wash-up blades. From left: Rich Dees, production/press manager; Mike Kamer, sales; Kenney Shields, sales; Jerry Dunn, color management manager; Tom New, owner/president; and Marvin Hugo, press operator.

Be a part of the Heidelberg Direct communityshow us your Heidelberg for publication in this magazine. Please send us high-quality photographs (horizontal format only) depicting your people with your Heidelberg equipment. 300 dpi JPEG files (preferred) can be e-mailed to the editor at pathenry@ Hard-copy photos, which will be returned, can be mailed to Patrick Henry, 139-15 83rd Ave., #705, Jamaica, NY 11435. Please be sure to include the name and location of your company; the names and titles (or job descriptions) of your personnel; and a brief description of the equipment: model name, number of colors (for presses), special features. Thanks!



Show US your heidelberg Heidelberg Direct

At Pepper Printing in Cincinnatti, OH, Diane Shaffer, vice president, and Timothy Doan, president, have upgraded their bindery with a Polar 115 XT high-speed cutter with Autotrim, a feature that removes cutting waste automatically. They also have installed Prinect Compucut software to decrease makeready times and simplify complex cutting applications. A Heidelberg customer since its establishment in 1991, Pepper Printing produces multicolor labels for luxury products with complex applications such as metallics and foils.

In Livingston, MT, recently finished installing a new Speedmaster SM 52 five-color perfector with aqueous coater just prior to moving the rest of the operation and its 136 employees into a new 46,000 sq. ft. building. Established in 1996 to serve the short- to medium-run color market, the companywhich claims to sell more full color printing online than any other commercial printer in the U.S.specializes in fast-turnaround marketing materials for small businesses. At the Speedmaster SM 52 are Bradford Holmes, press operator, and Lloyd Miller, pressroom manager.

Press operator Matt Kincaid tends the new five-color Printmaster PM 52 with perfector at The Business Press, a Schiller Park, IL, Heidelberg shop that also operates a pair of Printmaster QM 46 presses. The 12-employee business, started in 1980, uses the Printmaster PM 52 to produce mailers, brochures, and four-color booklets for a clientele that includes non-profit organizations, publishing companies, churches and real estate agencies. The new press reportedly doubles the speed and the setup efficiency of the equipment it replaced, enabling The Business Press to achieve faster turnarounds.

Jane Johnson and her son, David Johnson, are co-owners of Quality Publishing Co. in Hamilton, OH, where capabilities have been improved with the installation of a five-color Speedmaster SM 74 perfector with aqueous coater and a Prosetter 74 CTP device imaging Saphira Violet plates. The Johnsons have expedited their transition to a filmless prepress workflow with the help of Prinects Printready and Signa Station modules. Other Heidelberg equipment in operation at the 53-year-old, third-generation firm includes a Speedmaster SM 74 two-color perfector and a Polar cutter.

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