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Man:h 30, 2009

The Honorable D.vid R. Obey, Chalnn.n

The Honorable Jerry Lewis, Ranking Member
Committee on Appropriations
H·218, The Capitol
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chainnan Obey and Ranking Member Lewis:

1 am requesting funding for Expansion of Starr Commonwealth Battle Creek Parent·

Referred Day T",.lment Program In fiscal year 20 IO.

The entity to receive funding for this project is:

Starr Commonwealth Battle Creek Campus
155 Garfield Avenue
Bailie Creek, MI 49037

The funding would be used for the expansion of Starr Commonwealth's successful
programming for BHlsk youth In Battle Creek. Currently, Starr's Day Treatment program provides
supervision and treatment for boys & girls who have been adjudicated. With this funding Starr will
be able to expand its Day Treatment program to also accommodate youth referred by parents and
teachers and triple its overall program capacity for youth, providing training and support for more
than 100 families 8 year. Expanding this program will strengthen the conununity's ability to address
issues of increased violence, gang activity, and teen aggression.

I certify that neither I nor my spouse has any financial interest in this project.


Mark Scha~er
Member of Congress

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