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Investigating the role of phloem in the continuous transport of organic substances Problem: What is the effect of removing a ring

of phloem tissue from the stem of a tree?//How to study the role of phloem as a system of continuous tube to transport organic substances. Hypothesis: The tissue above the ring swells whereas that below the ring withers.// The removal of phloem interrupts the downward movement of organic substances.//The role of phloem tissue is to transport organic substances to all parts of the plant. Variables: Manipulated A stem that is ringed and a stem that is not ringed. Responding The condition of stem above and below the ring after one month. Constant The environment conditions effecting the growth of the tree.//condition of the surrounding Apparatus and materials: Two healthy trees with small stem, Vaseline, a sharp knife Procedure:

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Figure 1 (P1) Cut a ring of bark from a tree stem. (P1) Remove the bark from the tree stem (P1, P2) Apply the Vaseline on the ringed bark. (P5) Leave it for a month in the green house. (P4) After a month, observe the condition of the ringed bark. (P3)

Result Observation

Ringed bark

Without ringed bark