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TRY OUT UTS 1 BAHASA INGGRIS Nama : _______________ Kelas : _______________ Materi : alphabet, number, fruit, vegetable

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) a, b, c or d! 1. A: What is it? B: It is a a. cupboard b. blackboard c. table d. clock


This is a a. book

b. eraser

c. pencil

d. ruler


Look at the picture! It is not a king but it is a . a. lamp b. balloon c. queen

d. egg

4. A: Liya, how do you spell your name? B: ________________. a. el-ai-wai-si b. el-ai-wai-ei

c. ai-el-wai-ei

d. wai-ei-ei-ai

5. CAT;FISH;RABBIT;BIRD. Arrange the words alphabetically! a. cat-rabbit-fish-bird c. bird-cat-fish-rabbit 6. A: What number is it? B: It is... a. fiveteen b. fifteen b. bird-fish-cat-rabbit d. rabbit-cat-fish-bird

c. fifty

d. five

7. Look at these books ! How many books are they ? a. eighteen c. eight b. eighty d. eighteen 8. 35+15= a. forty

b. fifty

c. thirty

d. sixty

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9. 22-5 = a. Nineteen 10. 50 x 2 = .. a. fifty

b. Eighteen

c. Seventeen

d. fourteen hundred

c.two hundred

d. twenty

11. My phone number is 729451. In English is.. a. seven two nine nine five one b. seven two nine four one five c. seven two four nine five one d. seven two nine four five one 12. times two is six. a. two b. three

c. four

d. five

13. Apple, grape, banana, are kinds of. a. Fruit b. Food c. Drink 14. Cabbage is a kind of.. a. Food b. Vegetable 15. This is spinach, in Indonesian is.... a. itu adalah sayur c. ini adalah bayam 16. Bawang merah in English is. a. garlic b. onion 15. Rabbit likes to eat. a. radish b. carrot

d. Plant

c. Drink

d. Fruit

b. ini adalah sayur d. itu adalah bayam

c. chili

d. spinach

c. cucumber

d. eegplant

17. l-e-t-t-.-.-c-e, the missing letters are a. i and c b. c and u c. u and c 18. This is a .. It is my favourite vegetable. a. eegplant b. spinach

d. c and i

c. mushroom d. tomato

20.Garlic in Indonesian is a. bawang merah c. bawang mentah

b. bawang putih d. bawang bombai

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19. I liked fried (kentang). a. potatoes b. tomatoes

c. chili

d. long bean

21. hot. a. spinach

b. garlic

c. chili

d. potato

22. Miss Eva is vegetarian. She only eats a. cake b. meat c. vegetables 23. Starfruit in Indonesian is. a. mangga b. jeruk

d. candies

c. belimbing

d. nangka

24. My mother decorates (menghias) the cakes with. a. coconut b. cherry c. lychee 25. ..has many thorns (duri). a. papaya b. lemon 26.

d. avocado

c. jackfruit

d. durian

What is it? It is a. sapodilla b. jackfruit c. avocado d. guava


What is it? It is a. guava b. dragon fruit c. snake fruit d. junk fruit

28. A big orange is called a. grape b. lemon 29. A .. is sour (asam) a. lime b. banana 30. The color of .. is yellow a. banana b. grape II. Fill the blanks with the correct answer

c. lime

d. grapefruit

c. grape

d. melon

c. apple

d. avocado

31. My brothers name is es-yuw-ji-ai-eic-ei-ar-ti-ow = ____________________

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32. my-is-book-this = _________________________________ 33. One hundred plus fifty five equals . 34. 22 25 28 .. The next number is 35. Match the words with their own meaning!

1. durian 2. cauliflower 3. strawberry 4. jackfruit 5. pineapple 6. mushroom 7. coconut 8. spinach 9. grape 10. mangosteen 11. soursoup 12. cabbage 13. avocado 14.cucumber 15. lime 16. potato

a. kelapa b. kentang c. kol d. durian e. nangka f. timun g. bayam h. sirsak i. alpukat j. jeruk nipis k. stroberi l. anggur m. nanas n. bunga kol o. manggis p. jamur

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