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The RAM and EPROM version needs to be checked before planning and executing any Software Upgrade in BSC. Following are the commands and required versions used for checking RAM and EPROM version in BSC . EPROM version of CLS(CL3TG) Command ZDPP:CLS,0:CL3TG,0:CID; ZDPP:CLS,1:CL3TG,0:CID; Actual Version required before Upgrade SWSETSQZ.PAC 2.26-0 07/09/2 Note: If version is 2.24 than upgrade needs to be done to 2.31 EPROM version of MCMU(SWCOP) Command ZDPP:MCMU,0:SWCOP,0:CID:; Actual Version required before Upgrade CID: CLTPGMGX.PAC 1.39-0 02/09/05 (Output)

RAM size of MCMU &OMU Command ZDDE:MCMU,1:"ZDDD:G1.A0"; ZDDE:MCMU,0:"ZDDD:G1.A0"; ZDDE:OMU:"ZDDD:G1.A0"; Note :RAM size required is 1 GB for MCMU and OMU For RAM size 1 GB Below should be the output of command 000000A0: 3FFFFFFC (Output)