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anybody knows how to print last 3 element in reverse order in linked list 3:43 PM anybody there pls reply

3:45 PM ? 3:50 PM hey u know how to rotate array by 3 elements??@shiv.. i think same logic apply here..i think.. 3:53 PM divide array in two parts first part have 3 elements second part have n-3 elements reverse both array join them again that all Shanthi Mukkavilli is now Guest David 3:56 PM reverse part 1 reverse part2 3:56 PM i want to print last 3 element in reverse order 3:56 PM complete revrse together in which linklist 3:57 PM single linked list Guest Madison is now jyoti dutta 3:57 PM ny 1 went to goldman sache 4 intrvw today.............? 3:58 PM then first reach kth node from lst then call a func Guest Luis is now VenKat Esh that print k nodes in reverse