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Mary Whelan


2010- 2013 Bachelor of Primary Education Pending, Deakin University, Burwood

Additional Qualications:
2013 Debrillation and CPR Refresher, Melbourne First Aid, Level 6, 343 Little Collins St. 2012 Level II First Aid Certicate, Melbourne First Aid, Level 6, 343 Little Collins St.

Secondary Education:
2004- 2009 Victorian Certicate of Education Year 12 Our Lady of Sion College

Teaching History
2013 Mont Albert Primary School, Leah Stevenson (supervisor) 40 Days Teaching Duties:
! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Grade 6

Other Duties:
! !

Collaboratively planning and implementing a range of teaching units and lesson successions across all areas of the curriculum Designing Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Geography Units of work directed at the appropriate AusVELS levels for Grade 5 and 6 students in consultation with other staff members Teaching disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and cross-curricular content directed at and altered to meet appropriate levels and progression points for Grade 6 students Monitoring, evaluating and reporting on student progress in key learning areas Designing and implementing strategies to achieve targets related to student learning outcomes and utilise cooperative learning and creative thinking strategies Maintaining records of student learning and providing students with timely feedback regarding their progress Implementing effective classroom and student management strategies consistent with the school charter Collaborating regularly with mentor teacher and participating in professional development sessions, planning days, and team meetings Conferencing with mentor to assist with the development of a professional portfolio Contributing ideas and assisting with the planning of a range of co-curricular programs Weekly visits to the school to assist classroom teacher with daily tasks Monitoring student learning Supervising a range of whole grade/composite grade activities and extra curricular programs including cross-country, inter-school sports, swimming lessons, etc. Attending additional team meetings and planning sessions Helping classroom teacher plan future units of work

Volunteer Duties:
! ! ! ! !

2013 World Class Learning Academy- New York City, John Taylor (Principal) 3 Days
! !

Classroom observations and tour Participation in small group activities in a grade 2 classroom

2013 The British International School of New York, William Phelps (Principal) 2 Days

Classroom observations and tour

2012 Holy Saviour Primary School, Sarah Gale (supervisor) 10 Days Teaching Duties:
! !

Grade 3/4

! ! ! !

Collaborate with special education staff, language arts teachers, cooperating teacher, parents, and administration to meet the diverse needs of unique learners in the class Implement a succession of Literacy lessons on creative narrative writing focused around the silent YouTube clip, Dangle, in which a variety of instructional strategies were used such as large and small group discussion, writing prompts, hands on, and listening activities Tracked progress of students development with observation, pre and post, formative, and summative assessment, and self-reection Designed and integrated a variety of technologies into daily instruction and lesson activities Demonstrated effective classroom management techniques and classroom expectations Attend internal and external professional development sessions/days for staff (Cyber-Safety, Student Wellbeing, New Technologies) Weekly visits to the school to assist classroom teacher with daily tasks Monitoring student learning Assist with class production and Book Parade activities

Volunteer Duties:
! ! !

2012 Orchard Grove Primary School, Jo Fellows (supervisor) 10 Days Teaching Duties:
! ! !


Planned and taught general classroom lessons as well as attended individually to students with learning challenges and special needs within a mainstreamed, inclusive classroom Redirect students exhibiting behaviour problems by replacing disruptive, unproductive patterns with positive behaviours and classroom management plans Actively serve on a variety of school committees and task forces focused on curriculum development, textbook review, fundraising and anti-bullying efforts

2011 North Balwyn Primary School, Janet Klots & Sonia Gaetano (supervisors) 20 Days Teaching Duties:
! ! !

Grade 1/2

Observe, take notes and reect on a variety of teaching practices and lessons Assist with classroom activities and contribute ideas to lesson planning Addend staff meetings

2010 British International School- ShangHai, Susan Hook (supervisor) 8 Days Teaching Duties:
! !

Grade 4

Observe, take notes and reect on a variety of teaching practices and lessons Assist with classroom lessons and host small group activities

Professional Development
2013 Introduction for Beginning Teachers- Department of Education and Early Childhood Development 2013 AusVELS- Literacy and Mathematics- Mont Albert Primary School 2013 PoLT Unpacked (Geoff Treloar)- University Lecturer 2013 Student Wellbeing- Mont Albert Primary School 2013 Evidence Based Professional Learning Cycle- Department of Education and Early Childhood Development 2012 21st Century Technology & Cyber Safety- Holy Saviour Primary School 2012 Rich Literature- Holy Saviour Primary School

Current Employment
2012- Current
! !

The Victorian EyeCare- Optician

Conversing regularly with Aged Care facilities and community staff Respecting patient/resident medical condentiality

! ! !

Constantly display a high degree of organisational skills Working effectively with other team members Working under pressure and to timelines

2009- Current
! ! ! ! !

Dance Fitness Victoria- Dance Teacher at Siena College

Constructing well prepared lessons Ensuring and maintaining the education of safe dance practices and techniques Supporting student health and wellbeing Interacting with parents Organising and managing class behaviours

2009- 2012
! ! ! !

ECA Partners- Accounting Administrations,

Multi-tasking and meeting the demands of strict deadlines Working closely with other team members Interacting condently and professionally with clients Procient understandings and capabilities of Microsoft Ofce and other computer programs

Current Volunteer Work

2011- Current The Royal Childrens Hospital- Play Therapist: Oncology/Hematology(Weekly involvement)

2013- Current

Mont Albert Primary School- Student Teacher(Weekly involvement)

2013- Current

Tutoring- Year 12 student/neighbour (English, Media, Psychology)(Fortnightly involvement)

Made available upon request.