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FS 3 EDD Episode 3: Teaching Aids Bank

August 30, 2013 Iglesia, Raymund Palasol BEED 4 SPED

Lesson Plan in Mathematics

Subject Matter: Mathematics Specific lesson: Counting numbers from 1-9 Focus disability: Intellectual Disability Number of Pupils: 10

Setting: Mainstreaming


Objectives: At the end of the lesson, students are expected/will be able to: Count and Trace number 9; Recite numbers from 1-9; and Count numbers from 1-9 without prompts. Materials/Resources: Videos on Counting numbers "Counting to 10" - 10 Little Numbers Song, Learn to Count 1 to 10 Counting Numbers 1 - 10 10 Little Pigs Learn Numbers at Ten Little Horses Song- Nursery Rhyme, Ten Little Indians, 10 Little Numbers, My Little Pony Counting Happy Faces (1-9) with Froggy the Frog Laptop Speaker Popsicle sticks Candies Biscuits Visual Aids Marbles Washable Markers Work sheets




A. Motivation: The teacher will teach an action song to the class. After teaching the song the teacher will ask the class to sing after the teacher. (10 little Piggys) B. Lesson Proper: The teacher will tell the definition of counting numbers by posting clear and visible visual aids where the definition is written and will read out loud to the class the definition of counting numbers. Modeling: The teacher will show clear and visible number cards to tell the class the proper order of the numbers from 1-9 in ascending manner. After introducing the proper order the teacher will disarrange the number cards and the teacher will show to class what comes before and after each number. (1-9) Monitoring: The teacher will ask questions like What are counting numbers? What is not included on the counting numbers? Why? The teacher will give each pupil a Popsicle sticks and Party bags with candies the teacher will then ask each student to count the Popsicle sticks and the candies. Guided Practice: The teacher will hide number cards under the chair of the pupils. Each pupil will find the hidden number cards under their chair. They will post the number cards on the board to its corresponding picture. The teacher will check if they got it correctly. If the pupil got the correct answer the pupil will receive a reward. C. Closure: The teacher will ask questions like: Can somebody show teacher how to count from 1-9?, How about 9-1? Again, what are counting numbers?, Why do you think counting numbers are important?

VI. Evaluation: Homework: The student will write the missing number

My Teaching Aids (Instructional Materials)

Videos on Counting Numbers



Popsicle Sticks



Visual Aids


Washable Markers


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