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Google Earth Activity
WHI.6a The student will demonstrate knowledge of ancient Rome from about 700 B.C. (B.C.E.) to 500
A.D. (C.E.) in terms of its impact on Western civilization by:
a) assessing the influence of geography on Roman economic, social, and political development

Directions: Locate the following locations and monuments

using Google Earth. As you complete the assignment, answer
the questions. Click on the blue squares to find out specific
information regarding cities, towns, monuments, bodies of
water, etc.

Geographic Locations
Greece Italy
Aegean Sea Mediterranean Basin
Mediterranean Sea Alps
Black Sea Carthage
Macedonia Gaul
British Isles Byzantium/

1. (a)Greece is located east or west of Italy? (circle the answer)

(b) This is the capital of Greece: _________________

(c) List three sites in Greece: (may include town/city, monument, etc.)

2. This island located in the Aegean Sea is known as ‘The Island of the
Magnetes,’ what is its name? _____________________

3. This city is located within the city of Rome. St. Peter’s Basilica is
found here. What city is this? ___________________

4. The Mediterranean Sea is located to the West of Italy. Which two

larger islands are located here? ________________________ and

5. The Black Sea is an ______________________ sea between

Southeastern Europe and the Anatolian Peninsula (Turkey).

6. Draw a picture of the outline of Italy:

**Questions will continue in this format until all locations are

Monumental Achievement
Colosseum Pantheon
Trevi Fountain public baths
St. Peter’s Basilica and Square Roman arches
Arch of Constantine aqueducts
Trevi Fountain Trajan’s Column
Circus Maximus

1. (a) The Colosseum is an (a)_____________ ______________ in the center

of Rome, Italy.

(b) List 3 uses of the Colisseum at the peak of the Roman Empire:

2. The Trevi Fountain is the ______________ and most ambitious of the

________________ fountains of Rome.

3. St. Peter’s Basilica is located in this city:

4.What are two public baths located in Rome?

**Questions would continue in this manner


1. Type in your home address, did your house appear?

2. Choose three locations or monuments studied this year and locate

them in Google Earth. Write the name, location and at least two facts
about each.