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The sacred feminine

The sacred feminine is a mythological and religious concept that has circulated humanity since the beginning of pagan cultures and ancient times. Long before the rise and power of Christianity, many religions across the world venerated the feminine power as a source of life and giver of wisdom. In ancient times, the feminine power was treated as equals to the male forces and they were given much reliance upon calling out to the deities of the above. Unfortunately, as the rise of Christianity emerged, the scared feminine was desecrated and buried upon the myths and legends of lost time and the patriarchal way of belief rose to his supremacy. The collection embodies the symbols behind the fall of wisdom and the struggle for equality of women in general sense. It embodies sensuality and the highlight of feminine importance that has been long forgotten in the ancient allegories of the past. It is an expression of a cry for importance and attention for reviving the once sacred role of women and our divine purpose as the symbolical counterpart of men that was once considered to be vital in attaining a spiritually nurtured society.