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Syllabus EdAd 6990 (3 credits per semester) Internship in Teaching for Administrators Internship in Teaching for Administrators Description

n This course is intended to assist the candidate in meeting the requirements of the Rules of the Minnesota State Board of Education, Chapter 3512.0700 ADMINISTRATIVE LICENSURE WITHOUT TEACHING EXPERIENCE. Subp. 3a. Teaching knowledge and skills. An applicant shall demonstrate basic teaching knowledge and skills as required by part 8710.2000. The applicant shall: A. Present a portfolio or other appropriate presentation as determined by the approved school administration program demonstrating appropriate teaching knowledge and skills; or B. Meet the examination requirement of part 8710.0510, subpart 1, items A and B, and subpart 3, items A and B. Subp. 4. Teaching internship requirement. An applicant shall have experience and knowledge in curriculum, school organization, philosophy of education, early childhood, elementary, junior high, middle school, and senior high schools. The internship shall: A. Include one school year with a minimum hour equivalency of 1,050 hours of classroom experiences, including eight weeks of supervised teaching; B. Be under the supervision of a licensed practicing school administrator; C. Include supervision provided by educators from an approved school administration program; and D. Be based on a written agreement between the intern, the approved school administration preparation institution, and the school district in which the internship is completed. Objectives of an Internship Increased knowledge and skills related to curriculum, school organization, and philosophy of education Provide student with supervised classroom teaching experience at the elementary and/or secondary level Ability to make connections and application from licensure program to classroom teaching experience Assignments 1. Maintain an organized portfolio of documents and assignments pertaining to the Teaching Internship activities related to INTASC standards and their relevant onsite experiences. Include: Personal Philosophies of values and education Two artifacts per INTASC standard related to the field experience lesson plans, reflections, site supervisors evaluations 2. Journal Log of Weekly Written Reflections. Each week, review your calendar of appointments and events of the past week and choose one or two occurrences to write about. Your written work may be one of a variety of types: personal reaction to an event; expression of feelings about an event; a critique or

3. 4. 5. 6.

evaluation of how you managed a situation; a personal insight about what you learned form a situation; a tie-in of a situation or event to a concept learned in a seminar; an analysis of how well or how poorly a situation was managed; an inquiry about how this event should be handled differently. Read: Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching, Charlotte Danielson (or suitable substitute agreed upon by professor) and complete a reflection paper for 10 lessons taught this semester. Arrange for on-site visit and conference with you, your supervisor, and the university supervisor at least four times during the semester after the initial introductory meeting. Your on-site supervisor must complete two evaluations of your teaching, one at mid semester and one at the conclusion. Arrange for a final meeting with your professor. Bring all of your portfolio and journal documents, as well as a letter from your principal documenting the completion of hours for that semester.

Grading A=Exemplary performance at graduate level: completion of the above five assignments at very high quality. B=Very good performance at graduate level: completion of the above five assignments at satisfactory graduate quality. Required Application Documents: Signed Teaching Internship Agreement